🛵 The 3 Best Tuscany Vespa Tours [2024 Reviews]

When you think of Tuscany, scenes of beautiful, rolling countrysides, rich wines, and romantic, rustic architecture probably flood your mind.

It’s one of those places that contrary to so many other tourist hot-spots, never seems to disappoint. It’s a magical place that will transport you to a different time – a time that exudes perfect simplicity and old-world charm.

If you want one of the best (and incredibly Italian) ways to take it all in, we highly recommend partaking in one of the top Tuscany vespa tours available. What are you waiting for?

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Best Vespa Tours of Tuscany

Tuscany Vespa Wine TourTuscany Vespa Tour w/ LunchSmall-Group Tuscany By Vespa

Best Wine Tour

Best Tour With Lunch

Best Small-Group Tour

editors choice
Departure:Via Curtatone, 9, 50123 Firenze FIVia Ghibellina, 133/red, 50122 Firenze FIPiazza Mentana, 3, 50123 Firenze FI
Start:9:00 AM10:00 AM9:00 AM, 2:30 PM
Duration:8 hours6 hours6 hours
Includes:Lunch, Vespa Moped, Air-Conditioned Vehicle, All Fees and Taxes, Medieval Villages and Organic Winery FarmTour escort/host, Transport by air-conditioned minivan, Beverages, Lunch (Sunset Vespa Tour no lunch wine tasting and snack)Small group tour, Helmets, Typical Tuscan meal, Wine and olive oil tasting, Guided tour of 2 wineries and their cellars

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

Quick Answer: The 3 Best Tuscany Vespa Tours For 2024

  1. Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour
  2. Tuscany Vespa Tour
  3. Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa

Tuscany Vespa Tour Reviews

1. Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 8 hours
  • Departure: Via Curtatone, 9, 50123 Firenze FI
  • Departure Time: 9:00 AM
  • Includes: Lunch, Vespa Moped, Air-Conditioned Vehicle, All Fees and Taxes, Medieval Villages and Organic Winery Farm

Let’s be honest – when you arrive to Tuscany, you’re probably going to be overwhelmed. Not the kind of overwhelmed where you arrive to the heart of a bustling city center, but even then you probably have a bucket list of things to do.

With Tuscany, you’re going to be taken aback by the beauty and culture that it’s hard to know where to begin – that’s where the Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour comes in.

This 8-hour adventure will take you through a ton of the region’s most renowned locations, making it ideal for your first day there. You’ll be able to quickly become acquainted with the different areas, so you can plan for what to go back and explore more in-depth later on.

Kicking off at 9:00 am, you’ll meet with your guide and Vespa and set off for San Gimagnano. San Gimagnano is the epitome of a rustic Tuscan hillside town, famous for its impressive medieval architecture and unique tower houses. When that distinctive skyline makes its way into view, you’re sure to feel your jaw drop a little!

Hop off your moped for a guided stroll through this postcard-perfect place, with plenty of time to venture around on your own. One of the highlights of the tour is a group tour at San Gimignano 1300, which is a gorgeous little museum where you can see the entire city reconstructed as it had been in medieval times.

Then, it’s time for a delicious 3-course lunch along with a comprehensive tasting of 9 local wines at Tenuta Torciano local winery and farm!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

Other Experiences You May Enjoy:

2. Tuscany Vespa Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Departure: Via Ghibellina, 133/red, 50122 Firenze FI
  • Departure Time: 10:00 AM
  • Includes: Tour escort/host, Transport by air-conditioned minivan, Beverages, Lunch (Sunset Vespa Tour no lunch wine tasting and snack)

Perfectly melding fun and excitement with relaxation and serenity, the Tuscany Vespa Tour is truly a gem. You’ll be living your best Italian life cruising around scenic country roads, past all kinds of historic landmarks as you learn and see firsthand.

Whether you’re looking for a romantic adventure with that special someone or a fun outing with the entire family, this tour should be near the top of your list!

If the previous 8-hour tour was a bit too lengthy for what you had in mind, this one is a great alternative. Lasting 6 hours, you still see a ton of Tuscany, yet part of your tour involves a short van ride from Florence which maximizes your time.

Start out at 10:00 am with a convenient pickup right from your hotel lobby, so just make sure you have on some comfy walking shoes!

Hop onboard your private, climate-controlled van with big windows for unobstructed views of the Chianti region. You’ll arrive at a private, family-owned winery and be welcomed with smiles and delicious wine, olive oil, fruits, and veggies. Then, learn how to ride with a quick Vespa lesson and set off through the winding hills of the scenic landscape.

Afterward, take some time to relax and unwind at the family’s very own cantina. Take a cantina tour, where you’ll learn some of the history of the area, as well as the history of the infamous local wine. Then, enjoy a tasty traditional Tuscan lunch, with plenty of Chianti wine to go around!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

3. Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Departure: Piazza Mentana, 3, 50123 Firenze FI
  • Departure Time: 9:00 AM, 2:30 PM
  • Includes: Small group tour, Helmets, Typical Tuscan meal, Wine and olive oil tasting, Guided tour of 2 wineries and their cellars

Tuscany is meant to be intimate, in order to experience this special region in all its glory. Zooming around by Vespa is the perfect way to do it, offering you the ability to hop off and enjoy each grape from the vineyards close-up, every crack in each rustic building, and each rolling hill you come across.

The Small-Group Tuscany By Vespa tour is all that and more, offering a VIP experience with a local, professional guide to lead the way.

With varying start times to choose from, this tour is easy to fit into busy schedules. Start out by meeting your guide and the rest of your small group in the center of Florence, where you’ll board a luxury minivan to bring you to the hills.

A few minutes out from arrival, you’ll receive a safety briefing and orientation so everyone is comfortable with navigating by Vespa.

You can choose either a single-rider or double-seater Vespa, making it perfect for solo travelers and those traveling with a partner. As you cruise around, your guide will make sure to do intermittent stops for photo ops on your way to a beautiful castle.

Once you get to the castle, you’ll get to relax and enjoy a tasty lunch accompanied by the local Chianti wines and fine olive oils produced in the area.

Listen to how the Azienda Agricola Malenchini winery has produced wines for over 100 years, clearly perfecting their craft. The grounds and cellar are all fascinating, and you’ll have plenty of time to learn about them and explore at your leisure.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

Tuscany Vespa Tour Itinerary

Tuscany Vespa Tour Itinerary

Tuscany is so much more than what meets the eye, and if you aren’t careful you could end up hitting all the tourist traps instead of those hidden gems. That’s not to say that the more popular stops aren’t incredible – you just need to know which are worth it and which are skippable. Let’s dive in. If you are interested in some other Tuscany day trips, see our reviews here.


Fattoria di Bagnolo – Located in Impruneta-Firenze, this is one of the most legendary chianti wine and extra virgin olive oil producers in Tuscany. It’s like the epitome of “Tuscan”, located on a gorgeous hillside with vines and olive trees all over the place. It truly is like being transported back in time, complete with a 16th-century cellar you’ll be able to explore.

Azienda Agricola Malenchini – This stunning estate located in the heart of the Chianti wine region has been in business since the 1830s. In perfect Medici style, the romantic main villa welcomes people from all over the globe. While most of the vineyard cultivates from Sangiovese grapes, they also produce Canaiolo, Merlot, and Cabernet Sauvignon. However, they’re most well-known for their red, rose, and dessert wines under Chianti winemaking processes.

Antinori Chianti Classico – Okay, so this one is definitely more of a “corporate” winery, but as the most well-known in the world, it’s still worth checking out. Their rooftop Rinuccio 1180 restaurant offers sweeping, 360 views of the countryside.

Avignonesi – Dating back to the 16th century, things have changed a lot in the past 15 years but the winery still offers many types of wine and tours.

Badia a Coltibuono – This historic former monastery has a fascinating history, and is perfect if you’d like to stay overnight! With a pool, wine courses, and even a cooking school, it’s worth spending some extra time here.

Barone Ricasoli – As Italy’s oldest winery, (almost 1000 years!), they pretty much invented Chianti. The intimidating Brolio castle overlooks the rolling green hills below, and offers drop-in tastings and gourmet dinners. You can stay in the private house on site for 2 nights or more.

Dress Accordingly

As you will be riding or driving a Vespa, make sure to wear protective clothing. Closed-toe shoes are highly recommended, and you’ll want good walking shoes, anyway. You don’t have to wear a jacket, but perhaps a tank top or t-shirt with a light long-sleeve button-up or thin flannel would be a nice option.

In the summertime it can get very hot, but most villas and castles have very thick walls to keep the heat out. And if you do happen to heat up, that’s just all the more reason to grab some more wine or gelato!

Vespa Driving Tips

Vespa Tour in Tuscany

Who doesn’t want to zip around on a romantic Vespa ride through Tuscany? We all do! However, learning how to ride one may not be as smooth as we may hope. That’s why we’re here!

  1. Check Switches and Brakes – For your own safety and that of others, make sure you know where everything is before you even start your Vespa up.
  2. Sit Properly – Correct posture makes everything easier to maneuver. You’ll be able to navigate easier by sitting upright and shifting your bodyweight to the left or right to turn. Keep elbows bent instead of stretched straight.
  3. Test front and rear brakes – While seated, push your Vespa forward, and try braking gently as well as suddenly. Play around with back and front brakes individually and simultaneously, starting with the front and then the back.Tip: The rear brakes are ideal for slow cruising, while the front is preferred for stopping quickly or at high speeds.
  4. Adjust Mirrors – Make sure you can see everything at all angles.
  5. Practice – Drive around slowly and practice stopping at any moment. Try taking easy turns, then sharper ones. Use the indicators once you’re comfortable with stopping and turning.
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The Tuscany Vespa Wine Tour is our Editors Choice for the best Vespa tour of Tuscany.

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