The 7 Best Madrid Tapas Tours [2024 Reviews]

If you’re going to be in Madrid, you should know that there’s a ton of cultural aspects you’ll want to check out. The food is obviously one of them, with tapas taking up a big part of the scene.

These snacks or small plates are served alongside beer or wine, and often include mixed olives, chorizo, fried baby squid, crispy potatoes, and more.

Meant as a way of sparking conversation between strangers and those who already know each other, it’s really much more than “just food”. We’ve done the hard work for you, bringing you the top tapas tours in Madrid!

Best Tapas Tours In Madrid

Tapas, Taverns & History Tour MadridMadrid Wine and Tapas Walking Tour Madrid Local Tapas & Wine tour w/ Drinks & Rooftop Views

Best Value Tour

Best Tapas & Walking Tour

Best Half-Day Tour

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Tapas, Taverns & History Tour MadridMadrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour
Departure:C. de la Misericordia, 2, 28013Plaza de Santa Ana, 28012Pl. de San Miguel, 7, 28005
Start:6:30 PM12:30 PM or 7:30 PM11:30 AM, 6:00 PM
Duration:4 hours3 hours4.5 hours
Includes:Small-group tour (maximum 10 guests), food tastings (enough for a full dinner), wine tastings (5 glasses of local wine and drinks), expert local culinary guideLocal guide, wine tasting, tasting more than 12 different tapas, visit to 4 tapas bars (Where Madrileños go), a drink (Wine, Beer, Soda or Mineral Water) at each barLocal English-speaking guide, 4 stops of Tapas accompanied by wine, beer or soft drinks, cocktail on a terrace in Madrid in the 6:00PM tour

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Madrid Tapas Tours For 2024

  1. Best Value Tour: Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Madrid
  2. Best Tapas & Walking Tour: Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour
  3. Best Half-Day Tour: Madrid Local Tapas & Wine tour with Drinks & Views from a Rooftop
  4. Best Budget Tour: The Original Madrid Tapas Crawl
  5. Best Guided Tour: Madrid walking tasting tour with Secret Food Tours
  6. Best Evening Tour: Madrid Evening Tapas Adventure Walking Tour with a Local
  7. Best Small Group Tour: Gourmet Tapas Small Group Guided Tour in Madrid

Madrid Tapas Tour Reviews

1. Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Madrid

Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Madrid

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: C. de la Misericordia, 2, 28013 Madrid
  • Departure Time: 6:30 pm
  • Includes: Small-group tour (maximum 10 guests), food tastings (enough for a full dinner), wine tastings (5 glasses of local wine and drinks), expert local culinary guide, Devouring Madrid guide, packed with all our favorite places to eat and drink in the city

Starting things off on the right foot, we have the Tapas, Taverns & History Tour Madrid. The title sums up this 4-hour tour pretty well, leading you through all kinds of local historical and culinary highlights. As Madrid can get pretty hot, this is a tour that takes place in the afternoon, which is perfect for enjoying some classic Spanish drinks as well!

Limited to just 10 people, this walking tour is much more personal and feels like you’re learning about the city with local friends. Meet up with your guide in central Madrid and start off by walking over to a chill, ambient bar. Here, you’ll get to try a vermouth aperitif that everyone seems to love.

This legendary tavern is deeply connected to the country’s Civil War, and try a tapa dish that’s been served this way for over a century.

After you have a delicious drink and some food in your stomach, it’s time to head off on a 45-minute history walk through the oldest neighborhoods in the city, towards the Royal Palace. Your guide will fill you in on how Madrid started as a quaint village and exploded over the years into an enormous empire.

Now that you’ve walked quite a bit, it’s time to head to the next tapas bar: Mesón del Champiñon. As the name suggests, it’s all about delicious grilled mushrooms, along with some Padrón peppers.

After these treats, head to Plaza Mayor and learn about all kinds of interesting anecdotes and stories that took place here over the centuries.

You’ll walk by Petit Palace Posada del Peine (city’s oldest hotel), Puerta del Sol, and then try signature tapas of gambas al ajillo and wine at La Casa del Abuelo. Meaning “grandfather’s house”, it’s a very homey place that’s been in business for over 100 years.

You’ll then check out Plaza de Santa Ana and learn about the square originally constructed in 1910 during Joseph Bonaparte’s reign. Then, fit your way into Casa Toni which is one of the only traditional tapas places left in the city, where you’ll try all kinds of incredible classic specialties.

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2. Madrid Wine and Tapas Walking Tour

Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure: Plaza de Santa Ana, 28012 Madrid
  • Departure Time: 12:30 PM or 7:30 PM
  • Includes: Local guide, wine tasting, tasting more than 12 different tapas, visit to 4 tapas bars (Where Madrileños go), a drink (Wine, Beer, Soda or Mineral Water) at each bar

Next up, we have a slightly shorter tour which gives you excellent insight into delicious tapas and learn about Spanish cuisine.

The Madrid Tapas and Wine Tasting Tour takes you to various stops comprised of hidden gems, and varied experiences for more of a locals-only take on things. This is a fantastic tour for trying out tapas the way they’re meant to be enjoyed while learning all about them.

Limited to a group size of just 12 people, you’ll have a more intimate experience which is perfect as some of the tapas spots are pretty compact. Whether you’re going alone or with family/a partner, you’re sure to meet some interesting people as well.

Meet your guide in central Madrid (Plaza de Santa Ana) where you’ll all start walking to the first location. As you stroll along, the guide will offer a fascinating commentary about Madrid’s culinary scene, the history of tapas, and more.

Once you get to the Literary Quarter/Barrio de Las Letras, you’ll begin your bar crawl! You’ll visit a total of 4 tapas bars here, with wine tastings at each one. These wines are locally-made from Spanish grapes like tempranillo, malvar, garnacha, and parellada. With each type, you’ll be served a tapa dish made to match them perfectly.

One of the crowd favorites was the Castilian sherry bar, where you’ll learn all about fortified wines that are particularly popular in this area. If you’ve never tried them before, be prepared because you’re going to love them.

The second bar gives speakeasy vibes, as it’s literally hidden behind a store! The third is a bustling, cozy little tavern that’ll transport you back hundreds of years. The fourth is a bit bohemian and mysterious, and has been around for well over a century.

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3. Madrid Local Tapas & Wine tour w/ Drinks & Views from a Rooftop

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Departure: Pl. de San Miguel, 7, 28005
  • Departure Time: 11:30 AM, 6:00 PM
  • Includes: Local English-speaking guide, 4 stops of Tapas accompanied by wine, beer or soft drinks, cocktail on a terrace in Madrid in the 6:00PM tour

Have friendly, knowledgeable guides take you through Madrid from a locals’ point-of-view. Their passion for gastronomy and history is contagious, and will surely teach you a thing or two about tapas and Madrid’s rich background.

The Madrid Local Tapas & Wine tour with Drinks & Views from a Rooftop is one of the most comprehensive of its kind, making it quite a popular option.

Take a step back in time to the 17th century, as you stroll through these historic streets while your guides provide commentary on the incredible architecture that lines them.

Madrid is a city heavily influenced on various cultures of people who moved from other countries to make Spain their home, while still keeping tradition at the forefront of their tapas and wines.

Meet your guide(s) at a central Madrid spot and head straight into the lively bohemian barrio of La Latina. Built on the site of a medieval Islamic fort, it consists of maze-like streets that are packed full of tapas bars, ancient gardens, and local legends.

Stop in front of the Opera House where you’ll hear many intriguing stories about its origins and events that took place here.

Next up is the Chocolatería San Ginés, where you’ll partake in a chocolate tasting and churros! Spanish churros are really something else, especially if your only prior experience with them are those in the US.

After fueling up on these treats, stroll around the center of Madrid as your guide takes you around some of the most important landmarks such as Plaza Mayor and de la Villa. As you see each, you’ll hear about the history about how the Spanish monarchy ruled over the Madrileños for many years.

After this, it’s time to eat some more at Mercado San Miguel, which has been serving hungry guests for over 100 years. Try a few different dishes while learning about the country’s culinary background, important traditions, and how their gourmet markets operated back in the day and presently.

Don’t get too full, because you’re then going to see el Mercado la Cebada local grocery market, and walk through El Rastro, which is the largest flea market in all of Spain! You’ll learn about the rather unpleasant origins of the name, along with its gypsy community background.

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4. The Original Madrid Tapas Crawl

The Original Madrid Tapas Crawl

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 2.5 hours
  • Departure: Calle de José Abascal, 18, Calle de José Abascal, 18, 28003 Madrid
  • Departure Time: 6:30 PM
  • Includes: Dinner, alcoholic beverages, local guide, suggestions for your days left in town, food and culture tips

Long story short, The Original Madrid Tapas Crawl is a ton of fun, a ton of flavor, and has been operating for many years. This top-rated tour has earned its stars for good reason, traveling to 4 different family-owned businesses with your small group for a customized experience.

If you’re looking for a tour that’s easy to fit into a busy schedule, this 2.5-hour excursion should be at the top of your list!

From even before you meet up with your group and guide, you’ll notice how well-organized and seamless the entire tour is. Meet up right by Alonso Cano subway elevator and make sure that you go with an empty stomach, because the amount of tapas you’re about to try will equal a full meal!

Your guide will lead you to a very non-touristy part of town which offers a more authentically Madrid experience.

You’ll visit 4 different locations, including a market cuisine restaurant with refreshing, cold cerveza, a modern “slow food” tavern, and a bodega that’s over 100 years old!

As you enjoy your drinks and tapas (including Iberian dried meat, seafood, prime extra virgin olive oil, pork belly, Spanish omelet, etc.), your guide will tell you all about the history behind the dishes and each place.

If you’re not a beer fan, you can opt for red or white wine, vermouth, and non-alcoholic options that match well with your tapas. They are also very accommodating to varied diets, intolerances, or allergies to ensure everyone can participate and have a great time.

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5. Madrid walking tasting tour with Secret Food Tours

3-Hour Tapas Secret Food Tour of Madrid w/ Private Tour Option

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Departure: El Oso y el Madroño, Prta del Sol, 1, 28013 Madrid
  • Departure Time: 3:00 PM
  • Includes: Beverages, food tasting, wine tasting, local guide, snacks, bottled water, alcoholic beverages

This 3-hour tour is a perfect balance of history, modern-day relevance, and Spanish culinary history. The 3-Hour Tapas Secret Food Tour of Madrid w/ Private Tour Option covers so much of Madrid’s culture, with a whopping 8 stops! Make sure to grab your favorite walking shoes because you’re going to be covering quite a bit of land, too!

This is a fantastic tour for all ages, however, it’s important to remember that the drinking age in Spain is 18 and not every child may enjoy the tapas. However, it’s still a fun time for the entire family, for friend groups, couples, and even if you’d like to check it out yourself!

After meeting in central Madrid, head into Sobrino de Botín – the oldest restaurant continuously operating on the planet! That’s right, it originally opened in 1725, essentially making it older than the United States of America!

It was even mentioned in a Hemingway novel, regarding its famous roast suckling pig that you can try on your tour.

Next, head to the Mercado San Miguel, which has also been very popular for years – particularly with tourists. Located very closely is Plaza Mayor, which was once the epicenter of “Madrid Viejo”.

At one time is hosted important executions and bullfights, and today holds much more lighthearted events: Christmas markets and various artisanal souvenirs.

Next, see the Royal Palace of Madrid, which is the official residence of the Spanish royal family and is now used for state ceremonies.

Close by is the practically hidden Chocolatería San Ginés café where you can enjoy some delicious coffee paired with their famously appetizing chocolate. After your treats, head to Puerta del Sol square, which is another vital meeting spot in the city.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

6. Madrid Evening Tapas Adventure Walking Tour with a Local

Madrid Evening Tapas Adventure Walking Tour with a Local

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: Plaza de la Villa, Pl. de la Villa, Madrid
  • Departure Time: 7:00 PM
  • Includes: Local English-speaking guide 1 drink and 1 tapas dish at each stop (5 tastings stops – including a cheese and olive tasting, a bocadillo de calamares sandwich, a croquette tasting and a Spanish dessert), various types of drinks

Ever want to explore Madrid the way the locals do? While it’s always fun to see the biggest tourist attractions, those don’t always show you what the local culture is really like. The Madrid Evening Tapas Adventure Walking Tour with a Local will show you some local gems and teach you all about the history of the city’s literary quarter.

This 4-hour tour is limited to a maximum of 12 participants, which means you’ll have more attention from your guide and be able to ask questions comfortably. Not to mention, you’ll all be able to fit into these places easier, as some of the bars are pretty limited in seating.

Meet up at Plaza de la Villa, centrally-located for convenience! Your first mission is Mercado San Miguel, which is a very popular local market. Here, you’ll try a vermouth aperitivo, an array of Spanish cheeses, wine, and some of the most delicious olives you’ve ever tasted.

After, you’ll go over to the bustling barrio of La Latina, with maze-like lanes packed with bars offering tasty tapas and craft cocktails. The bar your group will be going to has just 6 tables so there’s definitely high demand (and with good reason!).

Then, head to Plaza Mayor which is also very rich in history and culinary culture. Learn about the events that have taken place in the plaza and enjoy an old tavern’s famous croquettes that’ve been served here for over 100 years. After enjoying these delicious potato treats, you’ll try some local desserts along with some dessert wine!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

7. Gourmet Tapas Small Group Guided Tour in Madrid

Gourmet Tapas Small Group Guided Tour in Madrid

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 2 hours, 45 minutes
  • Departure: C. de Ibiza, 4, C. de Ibiza, 4, 28009 Madrid
  • Departure Time: 8:00 PM
  • Includes: All food and drinks included, visit to four gourmet tapas bars, trendy gourmet bistros and at the forefront of gastronomy (where Madrileños go, NO chains, franchises nor tourist places), tasting more than 2 different culinary creations on each stop, local wine expert bilingual guide

Our guide wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the Gourmet Tapas Small Group Guided Tour in Madrid! If your schedule is really packed or you’re specifically looking to escape the heat and opt for an evening tour, this one should catch your eye.

Clocking in at a bit less than 3 hours, you’ll get to try some of the country’s best tapas along with famous wines offered at the most reputable locations around the city.

You’ll start with your group in front of Retiro Park located on Ibiza Street, which is a pretty convenient location for most people. Meet up with your guide, who’ll give you a brief outline of what to expect and head out on your gastronomic tour!

The majority of the excursion will take place in a neighborhood just east of Retiro Park which is a haven full of hidden local gems.

If you’re someone who wants to go the places and try the things that most tourists haven’t, this tour is the one for you. You’ll get to enjoy 5 different gastropubs and learn from an expert food guide as well as imbibe upon various lesser-known wines that are absolutely incredible.

There are some places that have even been frequented by Spanish royalty, Hollywood actors, a First Lady, and much more.

One thing is for sure: you’re definitely going to have a full stomach and a brain full of newly-acquired knowledge! Not to mention, the guides are very knowledgeable, personable and are all-around great people to learn from.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

Madrid Travel Guide

Best Tapas Tours In Madrid

Getting There

Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas is the main airport of Madrid, which is just 20 minutes or so from the city center or el centro. With 4 different terminals, it comes with quite a bit of shopping and other facilities. You can easily score a flight directly to Madrid from the vast majority of airports around the US as most of the major airlines serve this route.

The main carriers are Iberia, American Airlines, and Delta Airlines. In fact, if you’re flying from NYC or O’Hare in Chicago, you can expect direct flights in the off-season to cost you around 500 bucks!

Getting Around

The metro fares depend on which neighborhood you’re in, however, they’ll pretty consistently range from 1.50 to 2 euros (approx. $1.75 to $2.30). If you plan on using it frequently throughout your visit, you can also opt for a Tourist Card. These are either 1-day, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 7-day quantities. We did the math, and they almost always are more budget-friendly. Just remember that it is open from 6am to 1:30am.

Bus – Available from 6am to 11:30pm, Monday through Friday, and 7am to 11pm on the weekends, the bus also covers a good amount of the city. However, there are also night buses that start at 11:30pm and take over into the late hours! This is perfect if you want to catch a rave, a late-night drink and dinner, or simply want to see the city from a different view.

Taxi – Taxis are always an option, and hailing them off the street is pretty simple. Throughout various tourist destinations, you’ll also often see them lining up just waiting for customers. Remember, that the ones who have lit up green lights on the roofs are those that are available. Try to ride only with the city’s official cabs, which are white with a red diagonal stripe on the sides, along with Madrid’s emblem.

Alternatively, you can use a ride-sharing app. Uber does operate in the city, so this is an option.

Tip: Always make sure that the taximeter is on as soon as your trip starts! Some drivers will keep it off to try and scam some extra cash from you. If your driver doesn’t speak English, you can ask them to turn it on like this: “Disculpe, se puede prender el meter, por favor?”.

Where to Stay

Madrid consists of many different neighborhoods, with quite a few being very attractive for tourists. No matter what your budget is, you’ll realistically find somewhere that works for you.

  • For the luxe and plush, opt for Salamanca. In fact, the neighborhood’s Calle de Serrano is often compared to New York City’s Upper East Side, and referred to as “The Golden Mile”.
  • If you’re on a budget, head to Lavapies or Chueca. Both areas are very affordable, and are easy to navigate by foot.
  • If you’re traveling with children/the entire family, check out Barrio de Las Letras, or Sol-Gran Via. Sol-Gran Via is the area located between Puerta del Sol and Gran Via. This is the center of Madrid’s “cultural spots”. It features all kinds of theaters, boutiques, along with many very important buildings and unique architecture.
  • If you’re planning on going out to bars, clubs, and other nightlife scenes, check out Chueca, or La Latina. Chueca is a lively area full of people from all walks of life, all ages, and interests. The cafes and masterly-crafted cocktails here are incredible. La Latina is also very high-energy, and you’ll find many little markets, tapas bars, and “block parties”.
  • If you’re top priority in Madrid is to try the most delicious food possible, you can stay anywhere in El Centro. This is actually one of the safest, most pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods in the city. Not to mention, the elaborate architecture, palaces, etc. are some of the most impressive in the entire country.

Restaurants and Eating Out

As you can imagine, Madrid has some of the best food in the world. Let’s go ahead and look at some of the city’s top restaurants and eateries.

Saddle – Saddle is absolutely an artistic experience. It’s high-class, very elegant, yet intimate rather than stuffy. By combining modern-day with classic techniques, you’ll find this place to be refined yet varied. All on one floor, you’ll find private rooms and an expansive dining room with beautiful views.

Cruz Blanca de Vallecas – Consistently award-winning, Cruz Blanca de Vallecas offers Spanish food, placing tradition at the forefront of the operation. With international standards, this restaurant es made to make you feel like you’re coming home. Just make sure you book far in advance, as it can be booked up to 3 months at times!

Casa Benigna – If you go to Spain, you have to try paella. It’s just an unspoken rule. For excellent paella, make sure you head to Casa Benigna. The rice-based dish features arroz negro, squid ink, beans, meat, and more.

El Cisne Azul – Located in Chueca, El Cisne Azul is known for their wild mushrooms, with dishes that incorporate them like grilled boletus with foie gras and mushroom carpaccio. If you’re not a fan of mushrooms, you’re in the clear, as they also offer grilled meats and other dishes.

El Meson del Boqueron – El Meson del Boqueron offers basically the best callos a la madrileña we’ve had. With tripe, morcilla, and chorizo, it’s definitely packed with flavor and is perfect for any kind of weather. The restaurant itself is very captivating, with a kind of gothic flair that makes it look like it’s been around for hundreds of years.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Nightlife in Madrid is booming, and you can find everything from a flamenco club to massive electronic music raves.

Fabrik – If you’re looking for said rave, head to Fabrik. This two-floor club has a whopping 7,000-person capacity and a beautiful sound system to accommodate their world-famous DJs. Kapital is located in El Centro, and is legendary throughout all of Europe. The enormous club features 7 floors – each with a different theme. Goya Social Club is a nice alternative if you aren’t ready for 7 floors of partying. It has a capacity of just 200 people, though the more intimate environment is perfect for its house, deep house, tech house, and sometimes techno artists.

Get out of your comfort zone and into a tablao, or flamenco bar. Here, you can see or even participate in dancing flamenco while enjoying some delicious eats and fine drinks. Corral de la Moreria is our top pick, and is one of the oldest tablaos around. Torres Bermejas is another hot choice, with their traditional cuisine and famous flamenco.

For innovative cocktails, look no further than Salmon Guru. It has an interesting name, but even more interesting drinks. The neon décor is very flashy and fun for taking photos. Diego Cabrera owns this one along with Viva Madrid: another one of our favorites. Viva Madrid has an almost opposite take on Salmon Guru, being a historic tavern with classic cocktails. Varsovia Cocktail & Bar is charming, and one of the top picks for a good vermouth and tapas.

No matter where you go in Madrid, you’ll likely be able to find many pretty, outdoor bars and cafes, karaoke bars, and live music.


While many people may think that Madrid is constantly warm, this is not the case at all. Their summers are typically pretty short, hot (around 99 degrees Fahrenheit), and dry. This is great if you aren’t a fan of humidity. However, the wintertime can get very cold and cloudy, dipping down to 23 degrees Fahrenheit at times! Try visiting from late June to late August for the best weather – just remember that most other European countries also have vacation from school at this time and things can get crowded.


If you enjoy Mother Nature and serene little getaways, you’ll love Buen Retiro Park and the Crystal Palace. El Parque del Retiro is filled with lush flora, and is preened and maintained wonderfully. Covering over 140 hectares, it will originally made for the Count Duke of Olivares back in the 17th century! El Palacio de Cristal consists of cast iron and glass, and sits in front of a flowing fountain and reflecting pool. Parques and fountains are plentiful in Madrid however, so you can really take your pick.

Aside from the Prado Museum, Madrid has many other architectural stunners like the Royal Palace and Gardens. Drawing many similarities to Paris Versailles, this palace is still used as the official residence of the king of Spain. Here, you can also catch some artwork by Velazquez, Goya, El Greco, and the rest of the crew. However, all kinds of palaces and interesting architecture covers Madrid.

If you’re a history buff, you have to head over to Puerta del Sol, which is where the old city gate stood. It’s been the center of many important events throughout history, such as the Spanish resistance to Napoleon back in the early 1800’s, and in 1931 when the Second Republic was proclaimed! Today, it has all kinds of fun shops and trendy cafes. If you like wine then be sure to do a wine tasting tour while you are in Madrid.


Once you arrive to your destination, try and walk as much as you can (within reason). Obviously, this is counting on your area being safe to walk around, which all of the neighborhoods we’ve mentioned are. This is the best way to get a feel for the city, and you can see everything up close. Plus, if you ever get tired, Madrid has an excellent public transportation system to help you out.

Try to at least learn Spanish basics. There are tons of great channels on YouTube, and Duolingo is a handy little app to have. If you practice just a few weeks before you go, you should at least be able to speak what’s required.

Make sure to check the restaurants’ meal times, as Spanish meal times are quite a bit different from ours. Lunch usually starts around 2pm, and dinner is served around 9, which is pretty late by most of our standards.

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The Tapas, Taverns & History Tour is our Editor's Choice for the best tapas tour in Madrid

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