The 5 Best Wine Tours From Paris, France [2024 Reviews]

Over the years, Paris has been known as many things – the city of lights, the city of love, and the fashion capital of the world. Well, France’s capital city is all that and much more. It is no wonder that it is such a popular international travel destination or that it’s one of the most populated cities in the European Union. Overall, there are a ton of things Paris is known for, but one very Parisian thing that we all know and love is wine!

Originating all the way back to the 6th Century BC, French wine has only grown and become better and more varied over the centuries. Starting with the colonization of Southern Gaul by the Greek Settlers and then expanded by The Roman Empire licensing several French regions for wine production, French wine has a long history. It was during the Middle Ages that monks primarily maintained the French vineyards and continued to pass down their skills and knowledge throughout the generations. Eventually, nobility came to develop extensive areas of vineyards for wine production.

Of course a lull within the wine industry was inevitable as The French Revolution led to many vineyards previously owned by the Church to be taken. A devastating blow to the industry caused by the spread of mildew occurred in the 19th century, but still didn’t destroy the Parisian love of wine.

After the second World War, modern wine growers helped rebuild the industry partly thanks to the government implementing the Appellation d’Origine Controlee in 1935 to help protect the French wine industry. Nearly any parisian would agree that your trip to their fair city would be incomplete without a proper wine tasting. Add some cheeses, breads, and pastries to your tour for even more Parisian culinary delights!

Best Wine Tours From Paris, France

Paris: Wine Museum Guided Tour with Wine TastingParis: French Wine Tasting Class with SommelierParis: French Wine Tasting Class with Sommelier
editors choice
Departure:52 Rue de l'Arbre Sec, 75001 Paris, France68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France 68 Rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France
Start:1:30PM-5:30PM12:15 PM5:00 PM
Duration:1 hour1.5 hours2 hours
Includes:French wine tastings
, Choose 3 wines to taste, guide
5 different wines to taste
, English-speaking sommelier
5 different wines to taste
, Champagne tasting included
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Quick Answer: The 5 Best Paris, France Wine Tours For 2024

  1. Paris: Wine Museum Guided Tour with Wine Tasting
  2. Paris: French Wine Tasting Class with Sommelier
  3. Paris: French Wine Tasting Class with Sommelier
  4. Paris: Wine and Cheese Tasting
  5. Paris: Walking Food Tour with Cheese, Wine and Delicacies

Best Paris, France Wine Tasting Tours Reviews

#1 Paris: Wine Museum Guided Tour with Wine Tasting

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Choose 3 wines to taste
  • Expert sommelier guide
  • Tour former King of France’s wine cellars
Back in the 18th century, King Louis XV had a sommelier named Trudon. He had the incredible idea of building a mansion with an intricate network of tunnels in underground caves. Extending as far as the Louvre museum, these tunnels provided the perfect discreet method of supplying the palace with wine. Thus, Les Caves du Louvre was born – even if it wasn’t always called that.

The royal wine cellar has since been renovated and opened to the public. Now, Les Caves du Louvre offers a wonderful museum tour with wine tasting included! It’s the perfect option for anyone hoping to get some extra special history with their Paris wine tasting. During your tour, you will be guided by an expert sommelier. They will teach you all about the various French grapes and the wine regions of France.

This is very much a sensory experience that will stimulate and engage all 5 of your senses. Games and videos help to fully immerse you into the tour and make learning about wine fun and easy! In addition to the tour of the former king’s wine cellars, you will, of course, get to taste some delectable wine! Near the end of the tour, you will be given the opportunity to choose for yourself three different wines to try.

Your sommelier guide will teach you important tasting techniques to help enhance the experience. Each week, there are different wines available to choose from for tasting. The entire tour is highly interactive and keeps all guests engaged. You can even download the companion app to help further add to the tour experience. You will meet with your group directly at Les Caves du Louvre and you can expect the tour to last right at the one-hour mark.

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#2 Paris: French Wine Tasting Class with Sommelier

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • 5 different wines to taste
  • Artisanal cheeses and breads paired with wines
  • Expert sommelier guide
Offered by O Chateau, this wine tasting includes a parisian lunch with delicious cheese and wine pairings throughout the experience. O Chateau isn’t your run-of-the-mill wine company. It first got up and running back in 2004 making the company nearly 20 years old. Started by some guys named Oliver and Nicolas, O Chateau is all about making wine fun and really just being a super laid back and cool company.

Located just a few minutes from the Louvre Museum, O Chateau is right at the center of Paris. Your English-speaking sommelier is chosen just as much for their personality as their knowledge of wine helping guarantee a fun and interesting lunch.

They will take the time to teach you various facts about French grapes, regions, and wines. The leisurely lunch begins right at noon and lasts around an hour and a half. You will be sitting down in a stunning room around a large table where you will be served various wines, cheeses, and breads.

During the lunch, you will try a total of five different French wines including one champagne choice. The presentation will be primarily about the wine, but you will also get some delectable food pairings namely different artisan cheeses.

The sommelier will explain why each pairing works so well and how pairing different options together creates a different result. They will teach you things like how to read a French wine label as well as how to choose and pair wines with food.

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#3 Paris: French Wine Tasting Class with Sommelier

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • 5 different wines to taste
  • Expert sommelier presentation
  • Champagne tasting included
Here is another wine tasting option from the company O Chateau. While this wine tasting shares many similarities to the previous O Chateau choice, there are a few key differences. This is an actual Tasting Class compared to a more casual lunch. You will delve more into the education side of things as you learn in depth information about how to identify wine and compare tastes.

This class is a lot like taking a virtual tour of the various French wine regions. You will get to learn about each region individually and how terroir and appellation affect wine flavors. Not sure what terroir and appellation actually are? No worries! Your sommelier will go over all of that in a way that makes it all super easy to understand.

You will learn what makes each wine region unique plus things like how to properly read and understand French wine labels. You will also leave the tour with a much better understanding on how to best pair wine with food. You will get to taste one champagne as well as 4 other French wines during the class. In addition to the wines, you will also get pairing recommendations that include artisan cheeses and breads to try with the various wine varieties.

The class and tasting last a total of 2 hours, but O Chateau also has a brand new wine bar and you are more than welcome to stay after the class for a yummy dinner and even more wines to try! In total, O Chateau offers 40 different wines each day.

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#4 Paris: Wine and Cheese Tasting

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • 3 different wines to taste
  • Artisanal local cheese pairings
  • Water and bread also offered
Meeting the French is a relatively young company that has seen a ton of growth and success over the last decade. They now offer a wide variety of services and pride themselves on their ability to take care of every aspect of your trip to France from transportation, hotels, activities, and of course, wine tasting. This particular offering from them includes an hour and a half long informative session that features several wine tastings.

This session is organized and hosted by a wine expert sommelier. They will tailor the tasting experience to your specific group making this a more personalized experience. Wines are proposed based on your interests and desires. In total, you will try three different French wines each one from a small, independent wine producer. This helps guarantee each guest gets to experience something new as well.

Each wine will be paired with both a hard cheese as well as soft cheese option. This gives you a chance to explore how different combinations create different flavors. Plus, all the cheese is from a local artisanal cheese shop further adding to the authentic French experience. In addition to the wines and cheeses, there will be bread and water available making for a perfect palette cleanser between tastings.

While the wine and cheese is certainly the star of the show, you will also be learning a ton about French history and why French wine comes in such a diverse variety. You will learn tasting techniques, get common terms clarified, and get a great overview of regional maps and even things like soil samples to help understand wine better in general. You will also get the chance to ask any questions you may have to the very passionate oenologists AKA wine experts of Meeting the French.

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#5 Paris: Walking Food Tour with Cheese, Wine and Delicacies

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: Over 3 hours
  • 8 to 10 different tasting stops
  • Expert culinary guide
  • Walking tour includes wine and various food tastings
If you’re looking for a slightly longer activity with even more to offer, look no further! This is an actual walking food tour of Paris from Original Food Tours. They focus on a deep understanding of the culinary arts of each area they offer tours in. Paris is one of the top destinations in terms of food and Original Food Tours is proud to offer you this Paris Walking Food Tour.

All in all, the tour will last just over 3 hours. You will start by meeting up with your group and expert guide in front of the shop, Le Repaire de Bacchus close to the center of Paris. From there, you will walk with your group throughout the Marais. This is an incredible authentic Parisian neighborhood that pridefully keeps up with French tradition. It is an adorable area to explore and has tons of food gems to check out.

The exact tour stops vary slightly depending on the time of year and other factors, but the tour is always rich and interesting. It includes a minimum of eight different food tasting stops and sometimes includes as many as ten different stops. There is a wide variety of treats you will get to try on this tour instead of focusing on just wine and cheese, you will get to try a lot of different items.

Don’t worry, though – there will still be delicious wines and cheeses! However, you will also get to enjoy French pastries, baguettes, cured hams, various chocolates, charcuterie, and more! In addition to the yummy tasting options, you will get to explore the quaint architecture of the area, check out high-end shops and art galleries, plus visit some of the many cute cafes in the Marais neighborhood!

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