The 5 Best Capri Boat Tours from Naples [2024 Reviews]

Take The Stunning Scenic Route When You Take A Boat To Capri Island From Naples

The Island of Capri, located in the Tyrrhenian Sea across the Bay of Naples from the beautiful and historic city of Naples. Capri is home to some of the most beautiful grottoes around the world, including the famous Blue Grotto. Enjoy any of the grottoes here and you’ll have plenty to talk about back home.

Anacapri and the Piazzetta have been popular destinations for many popular actors and actresses, and have even been home to movie and television show filming. Why? Because its beauty can’t be matched. Artisans and boutique shops also call Capri home.

Wondering how to get to Capri from Naples? Take a Capri boat trip and do just that! Any of these Capri tours from Naples will allow you a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Also see: Travel Guide To Naples Italy.

Best Capri Tours from Naples

From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto TourIsland of Capri: Full-Day Tour from NaplesCapri Sea View: Sea & City Sightseeing Boat Tour From Naples
editors choice
 From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour  From Naples: Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch  From Naples: Gulf of Naples & Capri Sightseeing Boat Tour
Departure Point:Molo Beverello, NaplesMolo Beverello, NaplesContact tour operator
Departure Time:10:35 AMVaries8:30 AM
Duration: 8 hours (approx.)8 hours (approx.)8-10 hours
Includes:Roundtrip Capri boat trip, transportation on the Island of Capri, professional guide, entry to the Blue Grotto, lunchProfessional guide, roundtrip to and from Capri Italy by hydrofoil, entry to the Blue Grotto is optionalNaples to Capri boat round trip passage, tour around the island with visits to several grottos, expert captain and crew, detailed map of Capri

Quick Answer:The 5 Best-Rated Capri Tours from Naples

  1. From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour
  2. Island of Capri: Full-Day Tour from Naples
  3. Capri Sea View: Sea & City Sightseeing Boat Tour From Naples
  4. From Naples: Full-Day Small Group Tour to Capri
  5. Capri Day Trip from Naples

Capri Boat Tours from Naples Reviews

#1 From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour

 From Naples: Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour

Tour Highlights At A Glance:

  • Departure Point: Molo Beverello, Naples
  • Departure Time: 10:35 AM
  • Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Includes: roundtrip Capri boat trip, transportation on the Island of Capri, professional guide, entry to the Blue Grotto, lunch
The Island of Capri is one of the most beautiful islands on Earth. There’s no wondering why tours of the island are so popular with those visiting Naples. If you want to enjoy the sun and sea as you travel to Capri and explore the island, this tour is perfect.

Capri is an island with a distinctive southern Italy culture while also being unique in many ways. Visit the “sitting room of the world” in the huge central square while also stopping to shop in many of the artisan’s workshops and stores. Luxury boutiques offer beautiful items, from clothes to flowers and from sculptures to paintings.

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One of the star attractions on the Island of Capri is the Blue Grotto. While there are dozens of grottos around the island, usually only accessible by sea, the Blue Grotto is the one not to miss. There are usually lines to get in, but with this full-day trip to Capri, you will be able to experience it firsthand.

This island has been the setting for many major motion pictures and even television shows. Explore the island first hand to see why, as well as why it is such a popular destination for visitors to southern Italy. Before taking a jet boat back to Naples, you’ll enjoy a tasty, traditional lunch.


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#2 Island of Capri: Full-Day Tour from Naples

 From Naples: Island of Capri Full-Day Tour with Lunch

Tour Highlights At A Glance:

  • Departure Point: Molo Beverello, Naples
  • Departure Time: Varies
  • Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Includes: professional guide, roundtrip to and from Capri Italy by hydrofoil, entry to the Blue Grotto is optional
When you meet your professional guide at the port in Naples, you will travel by hydrofoil to Marina Grande, the port on the Island of Capri. Why take the Naples to Capri ferry when you can travel by hydrofoil? Experience and explore the port before heading inland to Anacapri, a small town with amazing views.

The Piazzetta, often called “the sitting room of the world,” has been a favorite visiting spot for movie stars and other VIPs. Movies have also been filmed here due to the unique and beautiful surroundings. This is one of the most unique trips to Capri from Naples as Capri boat tours show off the majestic beauty of the island.

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Your professional guide, an expert on the history and legends of Capri, will take you by Via Gamerelle and Via Tregare as well as the Gardens of Augustus. All of these places have been valued for their beauty since the time of the Roman Empire.

With a light lunch at a small restaurant on the island, you’ll head back to the Port of Naples, again by hydrofoil. The hydrofoil is a fun and unique way to travel. Why look for a Capri boat hire when you can travel like this?


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#3 Capri Sea View: Sea & City Sightseeing Boat Tour From Naples

 From Naples: Gulf of Naples & Capri Sightseeing Boat Tour

Tour Highlights At A Glance:

  • Departure Point: Contact tour operator
  • Departure Time: 8:30 AM
  • Duration: 8-10 hours
  • Includes: Naples to Capri boat round trip passage, tour around the island with visits to several grottos, expert captain and crew, detailed map of Capri
Meet other travelers at a pickup location convenient for everyone and arranged in advance by your expert guide then head out onto the Bay of Naples from the Bourbon Dock. As you travel toward Capri, you’ll see Mount Vesuvius dominating the skyline, a both breathtaking and imposing view.

When you arrive at Marina Grande, the port on the island of Capri, you’ll immediately head out for a cruise around the island by Capri boat.

With visits to three grottoes, you’ll have plenty of beautiful sights to photograph. The Marvelous Grotto, the Green Grotto, and the White Grotto are all beautiful and unique in their own ways.

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On this cruise around the Island of Capri, you’ll also view the Natural Arch and pass under the Arch of Love. View the Lighthouse at Punta Carena, the 2nd-largest lighthouse in Italy. Also, enjoy views of the Villa of Curzio Malaparte on this Capri island tour.

Back at Marina Grande, your guide will give you a detailed map of the island so you can explore independently for several hours. Independent exploration allows you to see the parts of Anacapri that most interest you. At about 4:15 PM you’ll head back to Naples to conclude your Capri island tour from Naples.


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#4 From Naples: Full-Day Small Group Tour to Capri

Tour Highlights At A Glance:

  • Departure Point: Star Terminus Hotel, Naples
  • Departure Time: 8:30 AM
  • Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Includes: professional guide, private boat tour Capri, independent exploration, a boat tour around the island and along the Sorrento coast
With a small group, you’ll travel by boat to Capri with a short side trip along the Sorrento coast for stunning views. The Naples to Sorrento ferry can’t give you an experience like this from one of the Naples boat tours. Docking at Marina Grande, the port of Capri, you’ll have crossed the Tyrrhenian Sea. Capri has long been a popular visiting location for creative people of all kinds, whether writers, actors and actresses, or famous artists.

After your expert tour guide takes you by the most famous of the historical landmarks on the island, you will have 3 to 4 hours to explore the Piazzetta and other small Capri towns on your own.

Independent exploration allows you to stop at the places that interest you most and take extra time where you’d like. This Naples to Capri day trip allows you to see the island the way you really want to.

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Once you’ve walked many of the narrow streets of Anacapri, taking in the enchanting views of and from the city, you’ll board a cruise boat to view other popular landmarks on the island, such as the Natural Arch and the Punta Carena Lighthouse. This lighthouse is the second-largest in Italy.

On your way back to the Port of Naples, take in the panoramic views of other popular islands in the area as well as the coastline of southern Italy. Your guide will stop at several pre-planned locations to allow you to swim or snorkel, taking in the beautiful sights under the sea as well.


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#5 Capri Day Trip from Naples

Tour Highlights At A Glance:

  • Departure Point: Molo Beverello, Naples
  • Departure Time: 10:45 AM
  • Duration: 8 hours (approx.)
  • Includes: lunch, expert guide, transportation, entry to the Blue Grotto
After your 45-minute boat from Naples to Capri across the Tyrrhenian Sea, you’ll reach Marina Grande on the Island of Capri. Board a small motorboat to head straight to the Blue Grotto. This grotto, known as Grotta Azzura in Italian, is like no other place on Earth. Be sure to take pictures and take in the beautiful blue reflections from the sunlight below the clear waters.

You’ll then head to Anacapri, the largest of the towns on the islands. Take plenty of photos of the Bay of Naples, easily seen from Capri. Head to a small, local restaurant for a light lunch of traditional and seasonal entrees.

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Once you’ve finished eating, feel free to explore the island, especially Anacapri, on your own. This independent exploration allows you to take in the sights you enjoy most as you stroll casually through narrow streets.

While on your way back to the Port of Naples, your guide will take you along the southern Italian coast to enjoy the sights of Castel Nuovo, a fortress dating back to the 12th-century, as well as the Royal Palace. Step foot once again in Naples after docking at the marina. If you’re also interested in seeing the coast of southern Italy, try taking a boat tour from Naples to Amalfi next!


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Travel Guide To Naples, Italy

Even though Naples is the 3rd-largest city in Italy, it tends to not get the same tourist attention as say, Rome or Florence. However, there are many reasons to add Naples, or Napoli in Italian, to your list of next vacation spots.

best capri boat tours from naples - reviews

Naples has many historic attractions that rival those in larger Italian cities and because of fewer tourist crowds, many historic locations, as well as accommodations and restaurants, are not so busy.

If you’re looking for a truly Italian experience, you don’t want to skip out on Naples. It’s unique in many ways and the only way to experience is it with feet on the ground with a well-planned trip. Here’s how!

Airports & Entry

While there is an airport in Naples, it tends to only receive flights from Italy or nearby European locations. Most likely, if you air flying to Naples, your international flight will stop at a major hub in Europe and then head to the Aeroporto Capodichino. The Napoli International Airport usually doesn’t see flights coming from other continents, such as the Americas or Asia.

Naples is also serviced by many train lines and coach routes that originate up north. If you have the time, experiencing Rome and then taking a train through the Italian countryside to Naples is the ideal way to see the most while visiting Italy.

Planning Tips

Visiting different cities in Italy, and other hot spots like Paris and London provides vastly different experiences. This is why we love to travel, right? However, that also means that planning for a trip to Naples is unlike planning for other trips.

Tip #1: Bring Walking Shoes

Naples is a very “walkable” city. Many attractions are very close to accommodations and restaurants, or at least close to convenient transportation such as the subway or busses. However, while things look close together on a map, Naples has many hills. Some of them are tall, some steep, and some both.

When planning the next location to head to, be sure to ask someone nearby, or even an employee at a store or restaurant, what the walk is like. If it nearing the end of the day and you are already tired, you may want to grab a cab instead of walking.

Tip #2: Enjoy Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Naples invented pizza. While you can order pizza at many restaurants around the city, you’ll want to find a restaurant that offers the real thing. For anyone to call their pizza authentic, there are rules about the ingredients they must use when making them. For an even better pizza experience in Naples, find a restaurant that cooks their pizzas in a wood-fired oven.

Tip #3: Don’t Forget the Beach

While there are many places to see and experience in Naples, from the historic district to the more modern areas, you might want to plan a day to enjoy the beach. The beach offers many seaside cafes and bars so there’s really no reason to leave the beach once you get there. This means it’s time to grab a towel, sit back under an umbrella, and enjoy a limoncello. What is limoncello? It’s a lemon liqueur famous in southern Italy.

Tip #4: Plan for Several Tours

Which so much to see and do in Naples, it’s nearly impossible to create your own itinerary that will take you everywhere you’d like to go. Not only do pre-planned tours take you to all the hotspots, they can usually offer exclusive or priority access, not to mention the expertise of your guide if you choose a guided tour.

Tip #5: Explore the Surrounding Areas of Naples, Italy

Naples is pretty large considering only Rome and Florence are bigger in both size and population. However, you may want to go for a scenic drive to a winery just outside town or even go for a ride to a great overlook to see the city that isn’t within city limits.

You may also want to head out on the water. Many boats take visitors to the Island of Capri, with its many grottoes, as well as to the many other islands in the Bay of Naples. The bay here is central to commerce in southern Italy, but it also happens to be one of the most beautiful.

Restaurants & Eating Out

Since pizza was invented here, it’s only fitting that you try an authentic, Neapolitan pizza. Many restaurants serve pizza, but only authentic pizza is made to strict requirements, including the ingredients used. The international regulations for Neapolitan pizza are important for many pizzerias in Naples.

Pizza wasn’t the only food dish invented in Naples. The very first “plate” of eggplant parmesan was also served here. Both pizza and eggplant parmesan have become staples the world over, so why not try it where it began?

As Naples is a coastal city, it also means great seafood. You’ll find the freshest in the restaurants nearest the harbor or nearest the beach. Naples has it’s own beach-scene so if you’re craving seafood, that’s where you’ll find it.

Nightlife & Entertainment

If you’re looking for entertainment that isn’t a year-round thing, there are several times of year that are ideal for visiting Naples. During Christmas, there are hundreds of nativities set up nearly everywhere you go. Easter has parades down Via San Biaggio and other main streets.

There are many cities that are ideal if you are looking for a New Year’s Eve bash like no other. While Naples may not be able to compete with the likes of New York City, Sydney, or Paris you may want to give it a try. When in Italy, not even Rome can beat the New Year’s Eve celebrations that Naples offers both locals and visitors.

If you are looking for the nightlight and entertainment in Naples that you can enjoy any day of the week, any week of the year, there are many different scenes to experience. Naples is a diverse city when it comes to nightlife and you can find nearly anything you’re in the mood for.

The Bourbon Street Jazz Club is for visitors and locals alike. If you are a fan of great off-the-cuff jam sessions, you’ll want to stop by one night. The beach scene is Naples is as unique as the limoncello they are famous for.

Nabilah is a great stop just off the beach. It may be a bit hard to find as the entrance is down a very narrow and unassuming back alley, but you’ll know you’ve found it when you hear the casual tunes.

The Lanificio 25 is one place you just have to schedule into your nightlife adventures in Naples. It is built into a building that used to be an old wool factory. It definitely has that old-world vibe that Naples is famous for, but you’ll also be able to see, hear, and feel much of the culture of the area.

Every night at Lanificio 25 may be something different, so check their online schedule. Small, local bands often perform, and you might hear a DJ playing everything from metal to alternative. Up for an art show? Maybe a play? This is the place.

Getting Around

There is no shortage of ways to get around in Naples. However, the one way you don’t want to take is a rental car or other vehicle that you will be driving. The city is very hectic and many local drivers can be aggressive. Most visitors won’t be used to driving in the kind of traffic they have in Naples.

One of the best ways to get from place to place is just walking. This is especially true if you are seeing many attractions within the same district. Be sure to find out how many hills you may have to walk up before setting out though.

Within the city, you will also find a well-designed bus and subway system. These are often crowded but they make for an easy way to get from place to place. If heading out of the city, trains are the way to go.

In many cities, visitors are warned about not taking cabs. In Naples, however, they are an affordable way to get around and cabbies are very knowledgeable. They may be able to tell you what time the museum opens, the best restaurant for pizza in the area, and other things. Cabbies in Naples are usually very friendly, and fair when it comes to the meter.


There are accommodations and every possible level in Naples. If you are looking for a great place to stay long-term and need something inexpensive, hostels are a great choice. Some of the hostels here even offer laundry services or a kitchen you can use to prepare a meal or two, saving you some cash. Many even offer stays for groups or families. Two popular Naples hostels are the Hostel Mancini Naples and the Naples Experience.

On the other side of that, there are plenty of upscale hotels. They tend to be located in many areas around the city so you can find one nearest to your planned activities. The Grand Hotel Vesuvio is regarded as one of the best hotels in Naples. The Hotel Napoli is also popular. An upscale hotel may offer services such as concierge, spa, and others.

Most people visiting Naples are looking for accommodations somewhere between a hostel and a grand hotel. Naples is home to several chains of hotels. Not only does this give you a familiar feel if you are used to staying with them, but you can also use many of the reward programs that accommodation chains often offer. Ramada Naples and Holiday Inn Naples are favorable with visitors, offering free breakfasts, discounted attraction tickets, great locations, and even parking if you have your own vehicle.


Because Naples is situated on the coast, the summers can get very hot and humid. This definitely isn’t comfortable when walking around the city although most public transportation is air-conditioned. However, that same coastal location makes winters very mild. If you don’t mind a chilly morning or two, visiting Naples in the winter can mean smaller crowds and maybe even a cheaper room rate at your accommodation of choice.

Spring and Fall are the most popular times to travel to and visit Naples. The temps are usually very moderate and while a quick rain shower may spring up, for the most part, you will see sunny skies. Expect much larger crowds if traveling during these peak tourism times.


There are places in Naples that you just can’t see anywhere else. For example, the National Archaeological Museum of Naples has many artifacts that have been recovered from Pompeii and surrounding areas. Some were even excavated from areas of Rome or Cinque Terre.

Just as with many other cities in Italy, the churches and their architecture are popular for visitors. Many are located within a small area in the historic district so planning a day to see them isn’t difficult. There are many guided tours of them, so you can learn more about their architecture, their history, and the legends surrounding them. The San Lorenzo Maggiore and the Duomo are two must-see churches in the area.

Every city has that main street where it seems everyone gathers, there’s a lot of shops and restaurants, and it’s the perfect place to see the true culture of the city. In Naples, it is Via San Biaggio. It is sometimes referred to as Spaccanapoli, the heart of Napoli, or Naples. You could spend an entire day here taking in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Naples.

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While being an Italian city inside and out, Naples also has its own personality. If you truly want to experience Italy, Naples should be on your must-see list. Of course, you’ll probably want to take a few tours of Rome to see all the history as well. And there’s no missing out on wine tasting tours in Florence. In Naples? It’s the food, the architecture, the music, the culture… and so much more!

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We've chosen Full-Day Capri Island and Blue Grotto Tour as our Editor's Choice for the Best Capri Boat Tour From Naples.

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