The 5 Best Aruba ATV Tours [2024 Reviews]

Aruba is a very popular tourist spot, with world-class beaches, incredible weather, and very welcoming locals. It’s a great place for relaxing in luxurious spas and by the water, for dining out, and much more.

However, if you really want to see its natural beauty, an ATV tour is one of the best ways to do so! We have the top ATV tours in Aruba all right here for you, so don’t go anywhere! Let’s get started! While you are in Aruba, see our reviews of Horseback Riding tours, Snorkeling tours and Sunset Cruises.

Best ATV Tours in Aruba

Aruba UTV Adventure Morning TourUTV & ATV Aruba's Secret Beach & Cave Pool AdventureATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling
editors choice
Aruba UTV Adventure Morning Tour UTV & ATV Aruba's Secret Beach & Cave Pool AdventureATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling
Location:Hotel / cruise ship ports pickup and drop-off & includedRockaBeach Tours, Bushiri 25, OranjestadAruba Go Cherry ATV Tours & More, Sero Preto 22J, Oranjestad
Start Time:8:00 - 8:30 amVariety Available9:00 am
Duration:4 hours4 hours4 hours
Includes:Bandana, bottles of water, snacks, certified tour guideWater, hotel/port pickup and drop-off, snacksHotel pickup and drop-off, fuel surcharge, bottled water, professional guide, helmet

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

Tour Information & Booking

If you are looking to get out on the water, see our Aruba snorkeling tours and sunset cruises

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Aruba ATV Tours For 2024

  1. Aruba UTV Adventure Morning Tour
  2. UTV & ATV Aruba’s Secret Beach & Cave Pool Adventure
  3. ATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling
  4. Aruba ATV Tour with Off Road Adventure in Single and Double Seater
  5. Aruba ATV Tour Adventure with Kini Kini

Aruba ATV Tour Reviews

1. Aruba UTV Adventure Morning Tour

Aruba UTV Adventure Morning Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: Hotel pickup and drop-off & cruise ship ports included
  • Departure Time: 8 – 8:30 am
  • Includes: Bandana, bottles of water, snacks, certified tour guide

This tour is an absolute blast, and one that’s perfect for adrenaline junkies. The UTV Adventure Morning Tour includes everything you need for a fun morning.

You’ll also get to see some of the biggest landmarks in the country, which is fun for those who love history and architecture. Thanks to the included hotel pickup and drop-off, you don’t have to worry about organizing transportation or leaving ahead of time.

Simply be ready in your hotel lobby (or cruise port) at 8 am, and your transportation will be waiting for you! After receiving a safety briefing and donning safety equipment, you’re all ready to go!

You’ll first see the Ayo Rock Formations, which were used by the earliest settles on the island (Arawak) to hear incoming thunderstorms. There are also plenty of petroglyphs which were used during religious performances.

Next, see the Aruba Natural Bridge, named as much because it’s naturally formed out coral limestone. It collapsed in 2006 due to Hurricane Katrina, though the remains are still interesting to see.

The Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins started in 1825 and operated for 10 years in order to dig gold form the nearby Ceru Plat Hills.

Your guide will tell you all about this place’s interesting history, before heading to the Alto Vista Chapel. Completed in 1952, it’s not that old, but is definitely interesting.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

2. UTV & ATV Aruba’s Secret Beach & Cave Pool Adventure

UTV & ATV Aruba's Secret Beach & Cave Pool Adventure

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: RockaBeach Tours, Bushiri 25, Oranjestad
  • Departure Time: Variety Available
  • Includes: Water, hotel/port pickup and drop-off, snacks

Next, we have the UTV & ATV Aruba’s Secret Beach & Cave Pool Adventure Tour! On this tour, you will be able to see many hidden gems that are only accessible with these types of vehicles! Lasting 4 hours long, it’s a great way to spend the afternoon before heading out to dinner!

With convenient hotel pickup and drop-off, you don’t have to deal with booking separate transportation. Meet with your guide, where you’ll get a safety brief, instructions on how to use the vehicles, and have time to practice before heading off on your tour.

Located at Bushiri Karting Speedway, this is the only Go-Kart track on all of Aruba and you’ll get to hone your skills here.

First, head to Blackstone Beach, which is known for its elegant black sand and rounded blackstone – quite a bit different from the rest of the white sand beaches on the island! Right next to it sits the 3 Sister Bridges – 3 arches creating bridges all connected in a triangle shape.

See the ruins of the Aruba Natural Bridge as you head to the Cave Pool and Bushiribana Goldmill Ruins, which are just 200 meters away from one another. The Pool has crystal-clear blue water, and you can see all the way to the white sand bottom! You’ll all take a ladder down, and have some time to swim around.

Listen to the history behind the Goldmill Ruins, as well as the processes they used to uncover the ore and gold found here. Next, you’ll see the California Lighthouse which is about 100 years old. From the top, you’ll be able to see incredible views of both ends of the island.

Then, stop at the Arashi Beach, which is known to be one of the most beautiful, pristine beaches in the world. Soft white sand coupled with calm blue waters make for an excellent place to relax and take some photos.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

3. ATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling

ATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: Aruba Go Cherry ATV Tours & More, Sero Preto 22J, Oranjestad
  • Departure Time: 9 am
  • Includes: Hotel pickup and drop-off, fuel surcharge, bottled water, professional guide, helmet

This next tour is a wonderful way to zoom around and explore in the sun, then take a refresher by doing some snorkeling! The ATV Off-Road Tour and Cave Pool Snorkeling is a great budget-friendly option that is wonderful for those who love a bit of adventure!

Explore the “wild” side of Aruba and all of its natural beauty on this 4-hour excursion! With a hotel pickup and drop-off included in the package, it couldn’t get any more convenient.

Starting off at 9 am, this is the perfect way to spend a morning and will ensure you avoid the majority of crowds while avoiding the hottest part of the day.

After a safety briefing and receiving your safety equipment (helmet), you’ll choose either a single or double Yamaha Grizzly 3500CC all-terrain vehicle.

The doubles are great if you’d like to go with a significant other or buddy, or if you simply don’t want to drive. A driver’s license is required, so the option of the double ATVs means that more people can join in.

The guide will lead you on your tour, and your first stop is the Natural Bridge. This bridge was unfortunately damaged in 2005, but the ruins are very interesting. The guide will fill you in on the history of it, and how it came to the current state it’s in.

Next up, is Andicur Beach, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. You’ll have some time here to take a dip in the water, or simply relax on the shore. However, we highly recommend using the snorkel rentals that come with the tour, as there’s so much beauty to explore beneath the surface!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

4. Aruba ATV Tour with Off Road Adventure in Single and Double Seater

Aruba ATV Tour with Off Road Adventure in Single and Double Seater

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: Around Aruba Tours, Alto Vista 116, Noord, Aruba
  • Departure Time: Variety Available
  • Includes: Bandana, bottled water, tour guide, non-alcoholic beverages, free pickup and drop-off from and to your accommodation, helmet

We bring you yet another 4-hour Aruba ATV tour that’s been consistently high-rated among travelers and locals. The Aruba ATV Tour with Off Road Adventure in Single and Double Seater is great for couples and adventurers of all ages. If you’re into animals and off-the-beaten-path locations, then you’re in for a real treat with this one!

You do get free pickup and drop-off from your hotel or other accommodations, which only adds to the convenience of this tour. With an included bandana and bottled water, they try to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible while staying hydrated.

After getting a safety briefing, donning safety equipment, and figuring out who is driving and who is going along for the ride, you’ll set out to Philip’s Animal Garden. One of the biggest wildlife sanctuaries and rehab centers in the world, it holds more than 60 species.

These animals are abandoned but then rescued, making sure they’re very well taken care of. Once you enter the animal garden, the staff will provide you with a complimentary feeding bag for them great for bonding.

Next up, head over to the Alto Vista Chapel, commonly known as “the Pilgrim’s Church”. This Catholic chapel is beautiful and was constructed by a Spanish missionary in the mid-1700’s. As the first chapel ever built on the island, it has quite the history!

Check out the Natural Aruba Bridge on the way to seeing the stunning beaches of Wariruri Beach. The pristine beach is contrasted by the rocky coastline surrounding it, and is one of the top spots for surfers and fishermen. It’s not the best for swimming, however, as the currents can be quite aggressive at times.

Next up are the Bushiribana Ruins, which give insight into the gold mining that happened in the early 1800s here. This brought on quite the amount of tourists and immigration at the time. Next, see the Cave Natural Pool, where you can go cliff jumping, swimming, or just hang out and enjoy the surroundings.

Shark Bay is another lovely place, which is a perfect example of a Caribbean paradise. Andicuri Beach, Tripod Beach/Three Bridges, Blackstone Beach, and Ayo Rock Formations are also on the agenda!

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

5. Aruba ATV Tour Adventure with Kini Kini

Aruba ATV Tour Adventure with Kini Kini

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Departure: Kini Kini Transfer & Tours, Flacciusstraat 33, Oranjestad
  • Departure Time: Variety Available
  • Includes: Pickup and drop-off from most hotels / cruise port, local guide, use of safety equipment, safety overview, bottled water

We can’t leave off the Aruba ATV Tour Adventure with Kini Kini from our list! Take to the wheel of your own ATV, or let a partner drive while you ride side-by-side! Either way, you’re going to be zooming through off-road and seeing some incredible sights on this Caribbean island!

First off, you’ll be picked up at your hotel or cruise port, so you don’t have to spend any time or money getting there. Once you meet up with your guide, you’ll receive a safety briefing as well as use any of their safety equipment. Your safety is always at the forefront of their operation, and they pay good attention to that.

You’ll be riding a Honda Ranchers 420cc ATV and follow your guide in a caravan. Your first destination is the 1700-era Alto Vista Chapel, known for its iconic yellow color and interesting history.

First built by Indians and Spanish Pioneers in the 1750’s, it’s designed to help bring peace to those who enter.

Get some relaxation time at Wariruri Beach, where you’ll also see the Baby Natural Bridge. This bridge is basically the successor to the Natural Bridge which unfortunately collapsed in 2005.

Then, you’ll see the interesting Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins, dating back to hundreds of years ago when Aruba had holes all around it due to the abundance of gold prospectors and people hoping to get rich.

After all that adventuring, take a refreshing dip in the clear blue waters of the Cave Pool Aruba! Named after its cave-like formation, it’s secluded enough to avoid crowds.

More Information & Tour Booking

100% refund for cancellations within 24 hours of tour experience

Aruba Tour Guide

Best ATV Tours in Aruba

Getting There

You won’t likely have any trouble finding a good flight to Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba from most major US cities. In fact, you’ll probably be able to find some good nonstop options! If for some reason, you cannot find a nonstop flight from your home airport, connecting through Miami is a great alternative.

American, Canadian, Caribbean, European, and the majority of South American citizens don’t even need a visa to get in! However, you do need a valid passport.

Getting Around

You won’t likely have any trouble finding a good flight to Queen Beatrix International Airport in Aruba from most major US cities. In fact, you’ll probably be able to find some good nonstop options! If for some reason, you cannot find a nonstop flight from your home airport, connecting through Miami is a great alternative.

American, Canadian, Caribbean, European, and the majority of South American citizens don’t even need a visa to get in! However, you do need a valid passport.

Getting Around –

Getting around Aruba is quite easy, as there are so many viable transportation options.

Buses – Public buses are great! They tend to be very clean, air-conditioned, reliable/on-time, and accept US dollars and Aruban Florins. Unlimited day passes are probably the best option if you’ll be riding it around more than a couple of times throughout the day.

Taxis – Taxis are also very convenient, and you can take one by ordering ahead or hailing one from the street. If you’re staying in Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, or downtown Oranjestad, you’ll find them everywhere.

Bike – One of the best ways to see Aruba is by bike! Due to how flat the island is overall, you don’t have to be in great shape to pedal around. Not only that, but you’ll find various paved bike paths all around the most popular areas. There are plenty of Green Bike stations around, or if you don’t mind spending more for an app-based rental, try Bixi Bike.

Trolley – The trolleys are charming and offer that “authentic” experience. What makes them even more appealing is the fact that they are free and eco-friendly! They move around the backstreets, so you can get on or off as you wish. Starting at the Cruise Ship terminal, it has 6 different stops throughout downtown, and loops back to the terminal.

Car – Cars are probably unnecessary and a really expensive option if you’re just going to stay within the city. However, if you’d like to check out national parks or San Nicolas, you may want to rent one for a day or so.

Where to Stay

Just 20 miles long and 5 miles wide, it goes without saying that Aruba is quite a small island! Oranjestad is the capital and biggest city on the island, known for Dutch-like colonial houses. You’ll likely stay here, unless you prefer to stay on one of the beaches on the west side, like Palm Beach and Eagle Beach.

Oranjestad is a great location, and full of different cultural influences (aside from Dutch). You’ll be able to find many beautiful pieces of architecture, delicious restaurants, the cruise port, and lots of great shopping. Here, is where most tours start as well.

Renaissance Wind Creek is a great option for mid-to-upper budget range, located on a beautiful waterfront in the center of the city. With acres of private beaches, you can even see stunning pink flamingos contrasted against the clear blue water.

Wonders Boutique Hotel is an adult-only option that features an outdoor pool provided by a natural spring. This hotel is a wonderful place to start out the day, with tropical foliage that makes for a cozy reading spot. Not to mention, their breakfasts use only local ingredients.

Eagle Beach is another great option if you want to be on the beach or really like water sports. It’s actually ranked as one of the top 10 beaches on the planet! It is known for generally being very laidback and calm, though it’s not quite as walkable and you’ll likely need to use a taxi or bus to get around.

Pearl Aruba Condos – This is a great mid-range option located just 4 minutes from the beach. These are condos, so you’ll have your own kitchen, individual bedrooms, and a living room with a TV and sofa. Not only that, but they have a stunning outdoor pool!

Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort is a nice option for the entire family, and comes with rooms ranging from studio suites to 1-bedroom suites which all have an ocean view and jacuzzi tubs!

Palm Beach is a bit more touristy and has the vast majority of all-inclusive resorts and chain hotels. You will find mostly tourists here, and it can get a bit crowded. However, it’s really easy to walk everywhere. It has great bars, nightclubs, casinos, restaurants, and shopping, too.

Hyatt Regency Resort and Casino is a nice high-end option, located literally a minute walking from the beach. As you can imagine, the ocean views are incredible here. Not only that, but you have a full-service spa, casino, and 2 pools. The outdoor pool complex is massive, and even features a 2-story water slide!

Karibu Aruba – This boutique hotel is a nice budget option, yet still just 5 minutes walking to the beach, lots of restaurants, and shopping centers.

Restaurants and Eating Out

Aruba is known for having amazing Caribbean food, but also has a very obvious European influence. With that being said, you’ll find many restaurants that offer something from the two, but there’s just about every kind of food here.

2 Fools and A Bull – This Palm Beach restaurant is located in the country’s restored Old Cunucu House, and the name refers to the two chefs, Roger and Roy. Their circular bar seats 17, where they serve a 5.5-course meal with optional wine pairings. It almost feels like you’re at a dinner party with good friends.

Asi Es Mi Peru – As you can probably tell from the name, this is authentic Peruvian food complete with Peruvian landscapes and gorgeous hand-woven fabrics on the walls. The ceviche is one of the best we’ve ever tried, though beef, pork, and chicken dishes also have a lot to offer.

Atardi – If you’re looking for the perfect date night spot, this is it. This romantic place boasts tables on the beach, with big palm trees on one side, and the turquoise waters on the other. This place is great for seafood lovers, serving lobster tail, seabass, Macadamia grouper, salmon, but also short ribs and filet mignon.

Barefoot Restaurant – Located in Oranjestad, this is yet another great option for delicious seafood. We recommend the Two Tuna appetizer: Tuna carpaccio and tuna tartar with a delicious Asian twist of teriyaki and sesame seeds.

Elements – This beautiful location features floor-to-ceiling windows with a breezy deck that overlooks the ocean. This adults-only spot is perfect for dates or celebrations, offering natural, organic dishes for healthier living. Located in Oranjestad, their 6-course meal with a bottle of wine in one of their private palapas are the most romantic option!

Gostoso – The Portuguese name offers insight into the cuisine which is Portuguese and Aruban. Located in Oranjestad’s maze-like roads, it’s not the easiest to find but well worth the hnt. Beef carpaccio, bacalao, conch, and creole sushi is absolutely delicious!

Nightlife and Entertainment

Aruba has quite a varied nightlife, from packed clubs to laidback drinks with a gorgeous view.

Bars –  

  1. The Beach Bar – This Palm Beach spot is absolutely beautiful! Surrounded by clear turquoise waters, it’s a great place to sip on some cocktails.
  2. Saloon Bar – This is actually one of the most well-known bars in the country, located near some of the biggest high-rises. Come here if you’re looking to have some fun, chat with locals, and dance to some good music.
  3. Bugaloe – This cozy place is great for having a conversation or enjoying a beautiful sunset with your special someone.
  4. Café Chaos – The name speaks for itself! Good beers and excellent live music, it creates a perfectly tropical atmosphere that always offers good vibes.
  5. Carlito’s Sports Beach Bar – If you are on the hunt for the best happy hour in Aruba, look no further. Their 2-for-1 drink special runs until 9pm which is practically unheard of!
  6. La Ronda Café – With an open-air patio and great environment, you’ll have everything from DJs and dancefloors to karaoke nights.


  1. Fireson Brewing – Everyone loves a good brew, especially when on vacation in a tropical paradise. As the first microbrewers on the island, they offer excellent service and even better beer. 


  1. Gusto Night Club – This L-shaped bar is always a lively place full of varied music, from hip-hop to salsa.
  2. 809 Nightclub – This club is pretty big, with a dancefloor sized to match! International and local DJs play here, along with world-class sound and light engineers to ensure an all-around great experience.
  3. South Beach Aruba – Yeah, the name may not be very ingenious but it’s a hotspot for those looking to enjoy some drinks and dancing with top-notch VIP service.
  4. Sand Aruba by Brickell Bay – You’ll often find locals here on the weekends, and it’s hard not to join in! This is the place to be if you’re looking to dance until you can’t anymore. They not only offer great music, drinks, and dancing, but hookah and food, too!


Aruba’s weather doesn’t change much throughout the year, which makes it quite easy for planning your trip. You can expect temperatures in the low 80s all year long, with it getting just a bit hotter between May and October. It does rain a bit from October to December, but it’s not usually so much that it puts a damper on outside plans.


  1. Arikok National Park – Deserted beaches and rocky coves scattered with cacti and limestone caves dating back hundreds (if not thousands) of years, contrasts quite a bit with the soft sand beaches on the island. Covering almost a whopping quarter of Aruba, the park is great for venturing around.
  2. Aruba Aloe Factory and Museum – Native to Aruba, the aloe plant is treasured due to its medicinal properties. This factory and museum will show you all about how to cut, test, and package the products but also the history behind this magical plant.
  3. Antilla Shipwreck – Aruba’s waters are covered in shipwrecks due to the treacherous rocks in the Caribbean. This actually makes for quite interesting diving and snorkeling spots, as the wrecks are inhabited by rich and varied marine life. This one in particular is what’s left of an 80-year-old cargo ship.
  4. Ayo and Casibiri Rock Formations – You’ll see these on many of the tours we covered. These smooth rock formations are fun to climb on, but just as impressive to watch from afar.
  5. Philip’s Animal Garden – This nonprofit provides a sanctuary for over 50 types of critters, and you’ll get to see and interact with many of them! Tropical birds, leopards, pigs, and much more are waiting!
  6. Lourdes Grotto – This grotto is an intricate shrine carved into a limestone hill, built in 1958. The star of the show is the 1,500-pound statue of the Virgin Mary adorned with candles, flowers, and more.


  1. If you have long hair, you seriously need to bring ponytails and/or head coverings. Aruba is windy, and it’s like this year-round. It’s not just a little breeze either! If you want to keep your hair out of your face during your trip, these are necessities.
  2. Bring casual outfits. One or two nicer outfits are okay for a romantic dinner, but overall everyone is super casual.
  3. Go into the water. There are so many beautiful beaches and clear waters, that you have to try getting out there! IF you don’t want to go snorkeling or swimming, at least try getting on a boat.
  4. If you’re a beer lover, be prepared for the prices. Just a case of Coors Light will set you back about 60 bucks.
  5. Bring a payment method that isn’t American Express. They get denied a good amount of time in Aruba. Even better, have some cash handy!

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