The 7 Best Blarney Castle Tours From Dublin [2022 Reviews]

From jaw-dropping natural scenery and supreme beer, to majestic castles and a rich history, it’s no wonder that Ireland has remained one of the top tourist destinations.

While relatively small in size, it’s big in adventure, and there’s a lot to explore. If you want the best bang for your buck, then we have it covered for you.

We have the tours that are fun, well-organized, educational, and we feel spend the perfect amount of time at each attraction. Without further ado, here are the top Blarney Castle tours available!

Best Blarney Castle Tours

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Quick Answer: The 7 Best Rated Blarney Castle Tours From Dublin

  1. Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour From Dublin
  2. 3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry and Cliffs of Moher Rail Tour
  3. Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour from Dublin
  4. 2-Day Cork, Blarney Castle and Ring of Kerry Rail Trip from Dublin
  5. Cork and Blarney Castle Rail Tour from Dublin
  6. Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin Including Rock of Cashel & Cork City
  7. Blarney Castle Day Trip from Dublin

Blarney Castle Tour Reviews

1. Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour From Dublin

Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour From Dublin

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Departure: Molly Malone statue outside the old stone church on Suffolk Street, Dublin 2
  • Departure Time: Morning
  • Includes: Entrance fees, transportation, guide services

Let’s start things off on the right foot, with one of the most consistently high-rated Ireland tours we’ve seen. The From Dublin: Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour covers 3 of the country’s top attractions, and really packs a lot in to a 12-hour tour! Just make sure you bring along a nice pair of walking shoes and sense of adventure!

Hop aboard a luxury, climate-controlled coach and head off through the heart of Dublin’s packed cityscape to the rolling, emerald hills of the countryside. This is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and get some fresh air.

You’ll first venture to the Blarney Castle, which you’ve probably heard of before, because of the famous Blarney Stone. If you give it a kiss, you may just receive the “gift of eloquence”.

For over 200 years, all kinds of notable figures and pilgrims have journeyed to kiss this stone, and it is a bit cumbersome to do! You have to lean backwards while holding on to iron railing, to make sure you don’t fall through!

The castle in itself is mystical yet serene, with a very interesting history and countless places to take beautiful photos.

Next, head over to one of Ireland’s 7 Wonders: the Rock of Cashel. Here, you’ll be able to see the Hall of Vicars, Cormack’s Chapel, Celtic Cathedral, Round Tower, one of the country’s oldest wall paintings, and more. The grounds are very beautiful, as well, with ancient high crosses.

After, head over to one of Ireland’s most impressive Medieval castles: Cahir Castle. Constructed in the 13thcentury, it is one of the largest and most well-preserved in the world with its original defensive structure.

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

2. 3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry and Cliffs of Moher Rail Tour

3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry and Cliffs of Moher Rail Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Departure: Heuston Station Saint John’s Road West, Saint James, Dublin
  • Departure Time: 7:00 am
  • Includes: Host on trains, information pack, reserved seats on trains, qualified driver-guide on coaches, all travel by rail and coach from Dublin Heuston Station, 2 nights accommodation in B&B, including full Irish Breakfast (2)

Let’s say you want to go all-in on your Ireland tour, and want to pack in as many experiences as possible! If that sounds like you, then you have to sign up for this next tour. The 3-Day Cork, Blarney Castle, Ring of Kerry, and Cliffs of Moher Rail Tour will take you throughout the beautiful scenery and stunning history of Ireland!

As you probably already deduced from the name, this tour does last for 3 days. However, it’s truly one of the best ways to go about seeing Ireland as it includes all coach and rail transport, full Irish breakfasts, 2-night accommodation, and more. That way, you don’t have to worry about the logistics as it’s all taken care of for you!

We really appreciated how they allow you enough time at each landmark and attraction to really get a feel for it and see everything you want to. Cork, The Ring of Kerry, and Cliffs of Moher are all breathtaking, and there’s so much to learn. The city tour is a blast, and we loved the coastal panoramas at the Ring of Kerry.

That’s not all you’ll see, either. Limerick, Clare, and Galway are all stops on your multi-day tour. Everywhere you go, your tour guides will make sure to give you quite the education. They all seem to be very passionate about Ireland and its history, and we loved the fun personal anecdotes, too!

Killarney is so incredibly charming, and the people there are just lovely. It wasn’t a surprise then, that staying at the hotel here was wonderful. The hospitality is practically unmatchable, and there was a great attention to detail. All in all, if you want to see a huge portion of Ireland without worrying about the logistics, this is the way to go!

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#3 Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour from Dublin

 From Dublin: Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 13 hours
  • Departure: Paddys Palace, Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin
  • Departure Time: Morning
  • Includes: Transportation, guide, entrance to Blarney Castle and gardens

If you think that 3 days is a bit too much for you but really want to see Blarney Castle, there’s no need to worry! We have you covered with the Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour from Dublin. Lasting 13 hours, it’s a great way to spend an entire day learning about the majesty that encompasses Blarney Castles, Gardens, and Cork.

With transportation included, all you have to worry about is bringing yourself and some comfy clothing! You’ll start off in Dublin and heading out through the open fields of the Golden Vale of County Cork. This drive is quite pleasant, with beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding mountains.

As you get into Cork, you’ll stop at the picturesque River Lee, where you’ll get an hour or so to walk around. With its beautiful old bridges and buildings on the banks, there is plenty to see. You can also check out the historic English Market or St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral which is a Gothic Revival, 3-spire beauty.

Next up is the legendary Blarney Castle, which holds the infamous “Blarney Stone”. Give it a kiss in hopes of receiving “the gift of gab” or flattery.

However, there’s much more to see in this castle and its grounds and gardens than just the stone. Built almost 600 years ago, it a must-see! Don’t forget to see the Witch’s Cave and grab some gifts at the Blarney Woolen Mills and craft shop.

The guides are very experienced and know just about everything there is to know about the area and castle! Once you have taken it all in, you’ll head to Dublin and arrive at around 21:00.

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#4 2-Day Cork, Blarney Castle and Ring of Kerry Rail Trip from Dublin

2-Day Cork, Blarney Castle and Ring of Kerry Rail Trip from Dublin

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Departure: Heuston Station Saint John’s Road West, Saint James’, Dublin, Ireland
  • Departure Time: 7 am
  • Includes: Host on trains, information pack, reserved seats on trains, driver/guide, all travel by rail and coach from Dublin Heuston Station, overnight accommodation including full Irish breakfast

Our next tour is one of the crowd favorites for those looking for a longer tour that encompasses some of the most iconic Irish attractions. The 2-Day Cork, Blarney Castle and Ring of Kerry Rail Trip from Dublin tour will give you a comprehensive experience where you’ll see everything you want and more!

Going on longer tours (such as this one), require the staff to be well-organized, entertaining, and experienced. That’s exactly what you’ll get here.

The drivers/guides clearly know the sites and areas very well, meaning that all your transitions from coach to hotel to site is a breeze. Listen, if you want to see Ireland the way locals do, then you are in for a real treat.

We’re going to be upfront with you: there’s also quite a lot of driving involved. Of course, you’ll be relaxing in a cozy coach seat enjoying the views outside your window. The drivers are very safe and know just how to navigate the winding roads.

On this trip, you’ll spend plenty of time in Cork, Blarney, Killarney, and more. Dingle Bay is quite a breathtaking place, and the overnight stay in the lively Killarney is a blast. The people there are so hospitable and just outright friendly.

While the sightseeing is obviously what most come for, it’s the historical insight, learning about the culture, and trying the delicious food that makes it so incredible. If there’s time, the guide/driver will even take you to some special spots like seeing sheep dogs!

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#5 Cork and Blarney Castle Rail Tour from Dublin

Cork and Blarney Castle Rail Tour from Dublin

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Departure: Heuston Station Saint John’s Road West, Saint James’, Dublin, Ireland
  • Departure Time: 7 am
  • Includes: Host on trains, information pack, reserved seats on trains, qualified driver-guide on coaches, all travel by rail and coach from Dublin

A full day tour in Ireland is great if you prefer to stay in accommodations you’ve already booked, or perhaps have plans in the evening. The Cork and Blarney Castle Rail Tour from Dublin is just the ticket, lasting 12 hours and packing in a ton of fun and adventure. You may want to grab a coffee for some extra energy, though!

You’ll head out first thing in the morning to arrive at Dublin Heuston Station to Cork. As the second largest city in the country, it’s actually known for being one of the best places to try delicious food and for its charm. Once you arrive in Cork, you and the rest of your group will be boarding a coach and going straight to the infamous Blarney Castle!

The grounds alone are worth traveling for, with interesting rock formations, the “Poison Garden” with various poisonous plants, caves, and more! You’ll have plenty of time to walk around, while your guide provides an educational commentary on the history of the grounds and the significance of various places within them.

If you would like to bend over backward and give the Blarney Stone a kiss, you may just acquire the coveted “gift of eloquence”! Now that you’re ready to charm everyone who comes your way, you’ll head into Blarney village. With fresh air, varied architecture with some serious character, and gorgeous scenery, there’s plenty to see here.

Next up is a visit to Cobh and the Queenstown Story Heritage Center, where you’ll learn about and see important landmarks in Irish history and emigration. It’s very interesting also hearing the story about the first Irish emigrant, Annie, who reached Ellis Island, along with so many others just like her.

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#6 Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin Including Rock of Cashel & Cork City

Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin Including Rock of Cashel & Cork City

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Departure: 5 Beresford Pl, Gardiner Street Lower, Mountjoy, Dublin, D01 R223, Ireland
  • Departure Time: 8 am
  • Includes: All taxes, fees and handling charges, live commentary on board, driver/guide, air-conditioned vehicle, admission into Rock of Cashel, admission into Blarney Castle and Gardens, WiFi on board

We bring you yet another 12-hour Ireland tour with this one. The Blarney Castle Day Tour from Dublin including Rock of Cashel & Cork City tour will take you to Blarney Castle like our other tours, but you’ll also get to see the Rock of Cashel. This ancient royal site goes all the way back to the 4th or 5th centuries as a fortress, and has quite the legends and history associated with it!

You and the rest of your group will head out from Dublin early in the morning, driving through the midlands and into County Cork. This is an absolutely beautiful drive, which seems to make it go by a bit faster. In fact, you’ll even get to see the Golden Vale, which is known as one of the most fertile places in all of Europe.

Stopping first at Rock of Cashel in Co. Tipperary, you’ll walk where the famous St. Patrick once did. Surrounded by ruins, crosses, and round towers, it really does feel like you’ve stepped into another century. Serving as the traditional seat of the kings of Munster for hundreds of centuries before the Normans invaded, it is also home to some of the most impressive collections of Celtic art and medieval architecture in the world!

Next, you’ll spend 1.5 hours doing whatever you please in Cork. We highly recommend the old English Markets, which offer countless food stalls serving fresh, local produce. It’s so good, even Queen Elizabeth II of England has stopped by! This city is vibrant with character and delicious beer and whiskey, which often go hand-in-hand.

Meet up with your group once again, and head out to Blarney Castle & Gardens. Give a smooch to the Blarney Stone if you’d like, or take a stroll throughout the fantastic Blarney gardens!

The Lake Walk is highly recommended, and make sure to visit the Witches Cave! The Blarney Woolen Mills and craft shop is also quite entertaining, with unique gifts and art to browse through.

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

#7 Blarney Castle Day Trip from Dublin

Blarney Castle Day Trip from Dublin

Tour Highlights:

  • Duration: 12 hours
  • Departure: Suffolk St, Dublin 2, D02 KX03, Ireland
  • Departure Time: 6:50 am
  • Includes: Air-conditioned vehicle, driver/guide, entrance fees

History, beauty (both man-made and natural!), culture, fun, and adventure. You can find it all here on the Blarney Castle Day Trip from Dublin tour. This 12-hour tour is a full day of excitement, and discovering new places and stories! With transport by a luxury, climate-controlled coach and an experienced driver/guide, this is the best way to go about it!

Meet up with your guide at a previously agreed-upon Dublin location and board the coach. You’ll travel over to County Kildare, but on the way take in the beautiful rolling green hills and listen to the fascinating commentary the guide has to offer. They’re very well-versed in the area’s history, that’s for sure.

Once you pass through County Tipperary and Kildare, you’ll finally get to the Blarney Castle! Not only is it worth going for the Blarney stone – the castle has its own interesting history along with the grounds and gardens!

The guides do make it that much more intriguing, not like it’s really necessary. We found them to be very personable, funny, and well-educated on all things “Ireland”!

Next up is Cahir Castle and the Rock of Cashel, which we’ve already covered quite a bit. Both of them are crucial to Irish culture and history, even today. Considering they’re hundreds of years old, they’re both very well-preserved and are perfect for spending an afternoon around.

Take a guided tour of the Hall of Vicars and Cormac’s Chapel, which houses the oldest Romanesque wall painting in the country! You’ll see exactly why this tour is one of the most popular, even with so many different tours out there!

For tour prices, transportation and availability:

Ireland Day Tour Guide

Best Tours of the Blarney Castle

Getting There –

Ireland is actually one of the most convenient European countries to travel to! With various US airlines offering nonstop flights, we recommend flying out of Atlanta, JFK (New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Orlando, San Francisco, or Los Angeles. If flying from the east coast, you can expect your flight to be around a mere 6 hours!

As our tours all originate in Dublin, you’ll likely want to fly into this city. Keep in mind that there aren’t always direct flights to Dublin, and may be only available to Belfast. If that’s the case, there are plenty of excellent train services that run from Belfast to Dublin, and takes just a bit over 2 hours to get there.

Getting Around –

So, on these tours you’ll have all transportation covered. However, as you’re going to be staying in Dublin and won’t be on tours all of the time, you’ll need to know how to best get around. Thankfully, the city has made it incredibly easy to do!

Bus – Their public bus network is a budget-friendly, reliable way to get around as it covers the city and suburbs very well. You can pay with cash, but you must pay with exact cash and only coins. No change is given. Prepaid tickets are less stressful for many, and are just quicker and more convenient.

Tram – The Luas trams are quick and also very convenient. However, you will have to get a valid ticket before boarding. Leap Cards are ideal for longer stays, and you can reload your balance at the vending machines! Just make sure your ticket is valid in the zones you’re traveling in. Check out the Journey Planner on their website to plan this out ahead of time.

Bike – Dublin is a very bike-friendly city, and being such, there are tons of places to rent bicycles. Just keep in mind that it’s often pretty wet, so make sure you’re comfortable with biking on wet surfaces.

Walking – Walking is one of the best ways to see the city, as some of the best sites in Dublin are all located within a pretty compact space. People tend to be pretty friendly overall, and we found it to be safe in our experience. Again, be prepared for rain or drizzle at any time of year!

Where to Stay –

Keep in mind when making your plans for accommodation that if you’re taking a multi-day trip that your hotels/B&Bs will be taken care of during these days. Just don’t double book! Now, let’s take a look at the best areas of the city to stay in.

Smithfield – Located on Dublin’s northside, it used to be a little bit sketchy a couple decades ago. However, since then, it’s become much safer and offers tourists an insight into local lifestyles. Its big cobblestone plaza is so charming and is full of locally-owned restaurants and artisan cafes that are perfect for foodies and coffee lovers. Depending on the time of year, you may see some family-friendly festivals going on. Oh, and if you’re a raver or enjoy a good beer then you’ll love the array of warehouse clubs and packed pubs in the area.

Portobello – This area is full of history, from Eastern European Jews seeking refuge here, to the birthplace of George Bernard Shaw! In more recent times, it’s become the “go-to” area for trendy Dubliners to let loose and have a good time. Restaurants, art galleries, clubs, and more are located here. However, it’s also quite beautiful with trees and walking paths aplenty, along with the Grand Canal.

Merrion Square – A Georgian square located on the southside, it’s been around since 1762 and isn’t too far from the city center. The garden square is perfect for picnicking and is the perfect way to escape the hustle-and-bustle of crowded tourists spots. If you or traveling partner(s) is a history buff, you’ll have to check out the revolutionary landmarks that dot the area. Not only that, but the National Library, National Gallery, and National Concert Hall are all located here.

O’Connell Street – From boutiques and vintage shops to hot clubs and delicious restaurants, it’s all located here. Not only that, but there are all kinds of hotels for any budget. If you want to get right into that busy Dublin center, this is the place to be as O’Connell is the city’s main street.

Restaurants and Eating Out –

Contrary to what many may think, Dublin is much more than potatoes and corned beef! In fact, it has an incredibly diverse food scene that is quite impressive on an international scale.

Chapter One – Melding traditional Irish ingredients with international cooking techniques, it’s a perfectly sophisticated spot to go on a romantic date or simply enjoy delicious eats. We love the fish served atop beets, potatoes, celery, carrots, and mushrooms with a creamy Maltaise sauce to finish it off.

Brother Hubbard – Having been around for over 10 years, it’s perfect for a rainy day (or genuinely any day as it’s that delicious). A modern twist on traditional comfort food along with some of the best coffee in the city. You have to try the Beans and Pulled Pork Special! Keep in mind that there are now 2 locations, but the original one is our favorite and is located on Capel St.

The Winding Stair – Just looking at this restaurant, you can see it’s just the quintessential Dublin spot. Grab one of the countless books available (including UK and European editions of contemporary literature along with many classics), and head up for breathtaking vistas of the River Liffey. Fill up with a traditional Irish meal with a fancy twist. Our favorites were the seafood chowder and potato dumplings.

Lucky Tortoise – Who doesn’t love some good dim sum?! The Lucky Tortoise is just the spot, and is known for its mouthwatering potstickers, savory Japanese pancakes and wine on tap! It’s also an excellent selection if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly restaurant.

The Pepper Pot – Are you a sandwich lover? If so, look no further than The Pepper Pot. If you want a life-changing experience, try the bacon and roast pear sandwich at this lovely restaurant located inside the gorgeous Georgian Powerscourt Townhouse. Their fluffy homemade bread and cheese is incredible, along with their baked desserts!

Cornucopia – If you’re vegan, vegetarian, or simply like eating this kind of cuisine, Cornucopia is a great option. It’s a neighborhood staple and has been for over 2 decades now, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Nightlife and Entertainment –

Dubliners tend to be a lively bunch who enjoy everything from a good live music venue to bustling pubs to thumping warehouse clubs.

Whelan’s – Many notable bands and artists have begun their careers at Whelan’s, which is known as one of the most reputable live music venues in the country. You can find all kinds of music here, depending on the night! From old-school to indie rock bands, to DJs – there’s really something for everyone.

The Cobblestone – If you’re looking for the ultimate Irish pub and live music spot, this one has to be at the top of your list. Having pumped out Guinness and folk tunes for decades now, it’s a blast and a wonderful way to spend a night out.

Café En Seine – Are you looking for an upscale spot to dress up and enjoy all things glamorous? This cocktail bar is creative, and sports beautiful art nouveau rooms across a whopping 3 floors. Not to mention their outdoor street garden gives serious Parisian vibes.

Peruke & Periwig – What a charming little place this is! If you’re up for kooky cocktails, chill music, and love a throwback, you’ll find that and much more here.

Dublin has much more to offer than just clubs and bars, however, and we’d be remiss not to mention some of them!

Theater – If you didn’t already know, Dublin has a very rich literary history, with the likes of Oscar Wilde, James Joyce, and many others calling this city their hometown. As you can imagine, these performance traditions are still going strong. There are many fantastic theaters to check out, such as: The New Theatre, The Olympia, The Gaiety, and The Abbey Theatre.

Ghost Bus Tour – For us, this is a must-do. The Gravedigger Ghost Bus Tour is fun, interesting, and will surely offer a solid history lesson! As Dublin is 1,000 years old or so, there are plenty of stories and sightings that’ve been retold and many of which are definitely not for the faint of heart!

Comedy – There are tons of great Irish comedians, and if that sounds interesting to you, check out what’s going on at Vicar Street.

Weather –

As we’ve mentioned before, you can feasibly expect to see rain in Dublin at any time of year. However, we highly recommend visiting in April or May, if possible. This time is the perfect balance between smaller tourist crowds and nicer weather. Just remember that St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) and around Christmas is going to be packed in the city.

The summer months understandably have the warmest weather, though this is also when the crowds will be the largest. It all depends on what you value more: nicer weather or smaller crowds. Regardless, you should always bring a jacket with you as Dublin tends to stay a bit cool throughout the year.

Attractions –

Trinity College – It’s true that there’s almost always going to be a line of people waiting to visit Trinity College. However, it’s absolutely worth the wait! With all kinds of important artifacts, hundreds of thousands of some of the world’s oldest books, the Book of Kells, ancient Irish harps, and more it has to be experienced at least once.

St. Stephens Green – If you want to get out and enjoy some fresh air, take a leisurely stroll around here. The Georgian buildings that surround it are also beautiful, and with 22 acres, it’s a great way to relax and calm the mind.

Kildare Street Museums and Houses of Parliament – The Irish Parliament was once known as Kildare House, which was commissioned in 1745 by James Fitzgerald, Earl of Kildare. The National Library is very close, and comes with all kinds of legendary literature and a permanent W.B. Yeats exhibition.

National Museum of Ireland: Archaeology – If you’re a history buff, you’ll love this one. It comes with jaw-dropping exhibitions of all types. However, some of the crowd favorites are Ireland’s Gold, Prehistoric Ireland, and their Viking Collection.

The Irish Emigration Museum – This museum has all kinds of stories about Irish emigration throughout the centuries. With an impressive 20+ themed galleries to check out, it also talks about how Irish immigrants have influenced the places in which they’ve relocated to.

Kilmainham Gaol – Having been around since 1789, this jail is kind of creepy but very interesting. The 1916 rebels were first held and executed here, so it does have a rather dark history. The guided tours cover Irish history for the last couple hundred of years.

Christ Church Cathedral – As you probably already know, Ireland has absolutely gorgeous pieces of architecture and Dublin is no different. Restored in the 19th century, it was actually built where the city’s first church once stood from 1028! You can also see the replica of the Norman conqueror, Strongbow!

Tips –

  1. Watch out for street signs. If you’re trying to get around, it can be a bit tricky if you aren’t really looking as some of the signs have faded or are covered by plants, trees, etc. Many locals just use landmarks and pubs for directions to somewhere rather than street names.
  2. If you’re trying to cross the street, just follow the locals. If you see them jaywalking to the other side, you do the same.
  3. Wake up early and get out there! If you want Dublin “to yourself” try to get up early! Grab a coffee somewhere and head out to wherever you want! We recommend going to the most tourist-heavy places first as these are less likely to have lines or crowds early on.
  4. Grab a Dublin Pass, which includes entry to most of the most iconic local attractions. Not only that, but it lets you use the Hop On and Off bus for free! This makes getting around the city so much more convenient and affordable!
  5. Do some days trips, especially take a tour of the Cliffs of Moher, these stunning cliffs are over 700 feet tall and considered the 8th wonder of the world.
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The Cahir and Blarney Castle Full-Day Tour From Dublin is our Editor's Choice for the best tour of the Blarney Castle

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