Top 5 Places To Paddle Board In The Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands are the jewels of the Caribbean. Saint John, Saint Croix, Saint Thomas, and the numerous minor islands thrive on yearly tourism. The spectacular panoramic views of the islands are nothing short of paradise.

In addition to their luscious scenery, the islands are known for maintaining an active watersports culture, especially in paddle boarding. St. Croix holds an international paddle boarding competition at one of its largest ports.

Check out our top five picks for where to paddle board in the Virgin Islands.

Maho Bay

Maho Bay is a top pick for the novice paddle boarder. Both kids and adults alike will enjoy learning the exciting sport in the calm waters of Maho Bay. There are no swimmers and snorkelers around, which makes for an easier learning environment.

Maho Bay is home to many sea turtles to keep you company, as you practice your paddle boarding skills. When you plan your trip, keep in mind that there are no facilities around. Bring your own food and drink, but do not be afraid to try the fruit of the exotic Genip trees that you will find shading the area!

Little Lameshur

If you are new to paddle boarding, Little Lameshur is a perfect spot to gain confidence in your paddling skills. The water is shallow and very calm, due to the protection of the cove. The gorgeous beach is an attractive spot for snorkelers.

Spend a few hours paddle boarding and then bring out your snorkel gear to explore the beautiful sea below or rest on the incredible white sand beaches and take in the scenery.

Cinnamon Bay

As sweet as its name, this is St. John’s longest beach. Enjoy the white sandy beach and the aqua blue waters. This should be enough reason to test your paddle abilities. If you don’t have paddle equipment, you can simply rent from the beach shack.

This is the spot where the locals go, when they want to spend a day paddle boarding.

You are likely to see some snorkelers checking out the oceanic creatures and some locals enjoying the sugary sand beaches, but over-all it is not a very crowded place to paddle board. Keep an eye out for possible undertows!

Round Bay

Round Bay is an excellent place for paddle boarding, because it remains sheltered from robust winds. The flat water provides ideal conditions for those learning for the first time or those who just want to perfect their skills.

The vibrant green trees, sugary-white sand, and clear ocean water make for an amazing backdrop for your paddle boarding adventure. After a long day on the water, visit Ms. Vie’s snack shack for her famous snacks. Round Bay is indeed a fulfilling haven for the senses.

Frederiksted Pier

Frederiksted Pier is known for its clear turquoise waters and its culture of water sports. The international Coconut Chip Paddle boarding competition is held in this exciting cruise port. You do not have to be a professional to indulge in paddle boarding at Frederiksted Peir.

Numerous tourism agencies have equipment available for rental and/or guides for instruction. If you want a bigger challenge, some guides offer fitness classes on top of paddleboards.

When you are done boarding, indulge yourself in one of the many other attractions, such as swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, or fishing.

If your going to go to the Virgin Islands, take a SUP with you. Don’t forget the Virgin Islands have some of the best snorkeling in the world.

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