Share your holiday and travel stories with us!

If you have been to an interesting place, have an exciting travel story, or have a review of someplace you have been to, we would love to hear it.

Tips, recommendations, warnings, awesome experiences, lessons learned (anyone that travels is going to pick up things they can share) – are all excellent examples of what our readers would like to see.

For example:

“I recently flew down to Las Vegas for eight days to attend a convention. During the weekdays the city was active and exciting, on Friday and Saturday night it exploded. So many people moving everywhere all at once. On the Las Vegas Strip the lights blaze so brightly sometimes it seems like daytime. While there we went to see the Excalibur Tournament of Knights, the Blue Man Group, and took a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon. The Excalibur dinner was pretty good (no utentils, be warned), the Blue Man Group was outstanding and the helicopter ride with Maverick was very good as well (a bit pricey but good – wear insect repellent).

We stayed at the MGM Grand hotel and casino, which features a lion exhibit. Unless you timed it right and were at the show, there was very little activity. We tried to see it a few times but missed it everytime. In the future we’ll find out the schedule in advance.

A few times we went to see the free water display at the Bellagio…it is excellent. Powerful water cannons set to music, what isn’t to love. The show comes on every 15 minutes with a different song.

If you are interested in getting away from the vegas strip I highly recommend Freemont Street – it is a spectacle to behold with many side attractions, and an amazing light show at the top of every hour. If you are interested you can even go zip lining along about 1/2 of the street. The prices are better than on the strip, and rumor has it the Golden Nugget pays out better than the regular casinoes. (Only what I was told by a cab driver).

Speaking of less expensive, if you aren’t gambling much, you’ll find the prices for drinks to be painful, so if you are looking for a deal, Hooters has almost normal prices.

Las Vegas is an amazing place, with so much to see and do. Eight days felt like a long time to be away but we were never bored!”

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